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Brand Fulfillment: How Best To Control The Quality Of Your Brand

Marketing a business comes with many pieces to the puzzle in order to create a masterpiece. But no need to scale your business alone. At AlphaGraphics in Logan, we partner with growing businesses to help them every step of the way, starting with brand management.

Brand management gives you the opportunity to align both your intangible and visual aspects to create one cohesive brand. A brand that is consistent and clear can do wonders for your customers, allowing them the ability to know exactly what to expect when doing business with you. Your brand is the visual identity–patterns of familiarity–that consumers can positively associate with your products or services.

“A ‘brand’ is not a thing, a product, a company or an organization. A brand does not exist in the physical world – it is a mental construct. A brand can best be described as the sum total of all human experiences, perceptions and feelings about a particular thing, product or organization. Brands exist in the consciousness of individuals and of the public.”

James R. Gregory, “Leveraging the Corporate Brand.”

Brand Awareness

Awareness is one of the key components of brand management because it allows your customer to get to know who you are and what you do before they purchase. To be top of mind takes effort to get your name out there. Help your prospective customers become aware of your brand. This means having a presence, both in digital and traditional form.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Did we mention consistency is a must? A brand that uses different colors, fonts, style, or feel is a brand that needs some TLC. Or is it even a brand at that point? However you decide, brand management will only be effective if the brand itself stays close to its core values and uniqueness, especially in a highly competitive and dynamic market.

Put your customers at ease with consistent and clear messaging. It may sound like the tiniest tactic, but do you recall looking at a disheveled brand and feeling frustrated or “meh” about it? Help your customer know exactly what they can expect, starting with their first interaction with your brand.

First Impressions

Your brand is most likely the first contact point between you and your customer. So why not make it a memorable and pleasant one. We know that first impressions are crucial in face-to-face situations, but the same applies to marketing your business through your brand. Trust us – you don’t want to start off the wrong foot because of sloppy outdoor signage.

Branding, when done right, can be a game changer for your business. It’s the first step to properly marketing your products or services. Give your company the direction it needs with consistent collateral and messaging. Do you have a style guide that directs the look of your brand collateral, signage and web assets? If not, our branding specialists at AlphaGraphics in Logan can create the visual identity for your business, getting you on your feet and on the right track. See how print and direct marketing can play a large role as the next stepping stone in your brand fulfillment.


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