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Top 13 Corporate Gifts for Business Owners

Your employees and clients are the backbone of any business. Whether it’s the holidays or you just want to send an appreciation gift, corporate gifting can leave positive, lasting impressions.

There’s a fine line when it comes to corporate gifting. Depending on the quality of your products and personalizing your gift choices, aim for something unique that won’t get thrown in the trash. We recommend putting effort and thought into gifts, especially for your larger, higher end clients. That goes for your employees as well. But each unique group will have unique interests. Remember – if you can think it, we can brand it.

Here are 14 of our favorite branded gifts we’ve created for our own clientele.

#1: Portable Charger for the Always-On-The-Goer

Who doesn’t like extra battery power for phones or laptops? For anyone and everyone who has any sort of technology, most people will appreciate and use this practical gift.

#2: Name Brand Backpack for those Who Refuse To Carry a Satchel or Side Bag

The wonderful thing about bags is the many various purposes it can serve. Branding a high-quality, name brand backpack will make it that more appealing for the recipient to use it. And did we mention it’s practically a walking billboard for your company? Win-win all around.

#3: Chapstick for the Chapped

Humans are funny – meaning, there’s only a handful of us that don’t use chapstick or will throw away a perfectly good chapstick. But we’re confident that number is fairly small. Branded chapstick, whether a stick or a cool ball, is for sure to get its money's worth. Just make sure it’s a good flavor.

#4: High-End Speaker for the High-End Client or Employee of the Month

Being a more up-scale gift, speakers tend to be a homerun, especially one of good quality and sound. Throw your logo on it and it will live in a room for a good long while. 

#5: The Winter Jacket for the Ski Bum

When you put your logo on a brand like Cotopaxi or a similar name brand, it’s difficult to donate to a thrift store when the quality of a coat is unmatched. Similar to the backpack, not only is it warm and looks cool but is another walking billboard for your brand. Investing in a gift like this helps knowing there’s a high ROI, all while building good rapport. 

#6: The Dad Hats for the Dads

Another branded apparel item that serves multiple purposes. The thing with hats is that there are far more hats out there than coats. Make this hat stand out with quality material, design and look.

#7: Laptop Case for….Anyone with a Laptop

This universal gift is an affordable option to buy at bulk, but consider your audience first. Perhaps your audience all uses laptops at work – this would make a great gift. However, if most employees or clients use a desktop, maybe look at alternatives. The better you know your audience, the better they’ll like and appreciate the gift.

#8: Golf Balls for Those Who Settle Business on the Green

Branded golf balls are a great gift for those who take up the sport religiously. However, you might want to see how they do around ponds, but that’s just a preliminary measure.

#9: Airpods For The Music Lovers

Help your favored clients cut the cord with airpods and a branded case. Do your due diligence to see if their text messages are blue. If they are, this gift is a go. Airpods aren’t the only option – if some have phones that aren’t Iphones, we can easily engrave your logo on any Samsung earbuds as well. 

#10: Sunglasses for the Frequent SunBather

You can’t go wrong with a pair of shades, especially when they seem to disappear from inside the car. Whether these are backup glasses or the one and only pair, they’re sure to get their use out of them. Try polarized glasses and a custom made box for more upscale clients or employees.

#11: Unique Christmas Gift for All Employees

Puzzles are a fun and easy gift to create, complete with a customized design or message. Take this unique approach if you don’t want to hand out typical swag items.

#12: Tumblers and Travel Mugs for the Hydrated Ones

I think there’s enough work mugs to go around, so upgrade to these high-end tumblers that are sure to keep things cool and hot for long periods of time. Mugs and water bottles are one of the first items to make it on the thrift store shelves, so invest in a quality item that will actually work, such as a brand like Yeti or Stanley.

#13: Swag Box for the Elite

Is one gift not going to make the cut? Customize a swag box with unique items and a catchy slogan to give an impressive impact on the recipient. This box can include whatever you fancy, in slick packaging and design.


Showing appreciation to clients and employees comes in many shapes and sizes. At AlphaGraphics in Logan, we can design, create, print and brand pretty much anything you can think of. Request a quote or call us today to brainstorm the perfect gift for the holiday season.

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