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Increase Customer Engagement With Personalized Landing Pages

The Benefits of Personalized URLs

Personalized Landing PagePersonalized URLs, known as Personalized Landing Pages or PURLs, are customizable and trackable web pages your business can send to customers. These unique web pages can easily be created for everyone in your organization’s marketing or email list, featuring that customer’s name. For example, if one of your customer’s name was John Doe, then the customized website URL would read something along the lines of: www.yourbusiness.com/John.Doe. Each website sent out to your contacts would be tailored for that specific contact. When customers visit their own personalized Landing Page, they are led to a website that has been customized just for them and their personal needs. This simple marketing tool is a great way to appeal to your audience on a more individual level, while creating a lasting impression. From a customer’s point of view, this shows how your business cares.

Benefits for your Business

While sending out PURLs is a great way to build and strengthen relationships with customers, the primary purpose of these landing pages is to increase knowledge in marketing analytics. Marketers are able to track when and how many times each customer visits their personalized site. This information provides your business with information about what customers care about and are looking for. While this level of customization leaves customers with a better experience, it simultaneously leaves you with a better understanding of your audience. People In Marketing Meeting - Personalized Landing PageIn addition, any information customers choose to submit through your site contributes significantly to the campaign’s analytics. Users can submit information through surveys, comment sections, polls or other methods. This added information makes PURLs a perfect addition to marketing campaigns. PURLs show more detailed information about the campaign, such as the data collected from the web form. An added benefit is the ability to track PURLs in real time. The information that is sent in is available starting the moment a customer clicks on or enters their PURL. This saves time and money for any marketing situation.


Make PURLs a part of any marketing campaign by attaching them to direct mailers and emails. As long as you have the customer’s name, creating the link is easy. For a better response rate, add an incentive to the ad. Motivate your customers to search and spend time on their personalized URL by making a coupon or special deal available solely on their site. Once users are on their site, interaction between your business and them can occur. Besides providing your business with further information about your customers, these methods of interaction help customers to connect with your business. This is your way of offering to build or maintain a relationship. Relationships are key; as customers feel valued, they will continue to do business with you.

Why AlphaGraphics?

Starting and maintaining a personalized URL campaign can be confusing. But at AlphaGraphics, our marketing team is up-to-date with the latest marketing technologies. The latest analytics technology, paired with our knowledge of direct marketing, makes AlphaGraphics the company businesses trust with their marketing needs.

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