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How To Use Social Media As A Branding Strategy For Your Business

Social media is rapidly becoming one of the most popular business advertising platforms. Branding your company correctly on social media can take you leaps and bounds further than you may have ever thought you could go.   

Best Practices for Social Media BrandingSocial Media Branding | AlphaGraphics | Orem, Utah

Social media is where individuals tell the story of their lives. Thoughts and experiences are shared constantly. Individuals use social media every day for social interactions, entertainment, product research, and business promotion. Like people, companies can thrive on these platforms. At your local AlphaGraphics Business Center in Orem, we can help you maximize your social media presence to help you get the most out of your time spent there.  You want to keep everything you do on social media consistent across all platforms.  This includes:
  • Logo
  • Color Scheme
  • Biography or company descriptions
  • Social media handle
  • Fonts
  • Filters
This helps customers quickly identify your brand. You want customers to recognize you immediately when scrolling through their feeds and to stop and interact. We’re looking for conversions, not just idle interaction.


A logo is one of the main things that tells the story of a company. A company name or logo has a certain reputation, expectation, and feeling associated with it. This is why logo creation is so important. It does more than just stand as an image of your brand; it is the story of your brand. You can positively impact those logo associations by how you use and interact on your social media. AlphaGraphics can help with this. 

Color Scheme

Every brand needs a consistent color scheme to use. Colors have power. We subconsciously associate them with various things in our lives. Make sure your colors make a positive impression. You will want to have a main color along with supplemental colors. They don’t always have to be used in the same ways, but the consistency comes from having a certain palette you always work with. See our recent blog post about the psychology of color in your brand.


Your biography and handle need to be uniform across all channels so you can be found by your customers. If one handle is “I_love_life” and another one is “I_luv_life”, your audience won’t be able to figure out how to find you or if those pages are actually connected to your company. 

Fonts and Filters

Keeping consistent fonts and filters goes along with the color logic. Having predetermined fonts and filters that accurately reflect your brand’s personality helps to make your social media channels feel like something real. They look and feel more professional and well thought out which is attractive to potential customers.  It’s supremely important to create a brand personality. Is your brand fun and playful? Use a decorative font and bright, happy colors. Is your brand professional? More muted tones and serif fonts may be able to portray your brand’s personality more accurately. Figure out what you want your brand to be and make design choices to reflect that decision and then stick to it. Having a professional and recognizable look will distinguish you from the competition. You want to tell a story with your branding on social media and develop a relationship between the customers and your brand. A brand that only tries to sell an audience something is developing a negative relationship with most customers and will find it difficult to retain followers and conversions.   

Tips and TricksSocial Media Branding | AlphaGraphics | Orem, Utah

  • Show “behind the scenes” of how your company operates
  • Be conversational
  • Tell a story
  • Keep visual appeal
  • Create posts for specific audiences
  Showing behind the scenes moments of a company’s inner workings or process can help to humanize a company as well as create connections with real people who will hopefully become customers or clients. This means you also don’t want to be overly formal in your posts.  Formality can either enhance a company’s personality or drive away your primary audience. You want to try to be as relatable as possible so that your customers want to engage with your content.  As discussed above, you want your platforms to be visually appealing and professional. Having a professional profile doesn’t mean it has to be boring and overly structured. It just means you have enough consistency and professionalism for customers to trust your brand.

Target Audiences

Finally, many companies find it helpful to market on social media directly to specific target audiences. You don’t always have to make posts that try to appeal to a broad audience. It’s more effective to make posts that target specific sections of your audience. This will draw in more interest and create more conversions. Here at AlphaGraphics in Orem, Utah, we understand the importance of using social media in your branding.

Getting Started

From logo creation to distribution, we’re here to help and guide you in the right direction. Call our experts at the AlphaGraphics Business Center in Orem, Utah, at (801) 426-6200  or request a quote below to get started today.   [wpforms id="313" title="true"]

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