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Why You Should Advertise Your Event with a Banner

When you’re planning an event, one of your greatest obstacles is deciding the best way to advertise. You could rent a billboard, but those are often expensive and permanent. You could make signs and flyers, yet those may not reach your target audience. At the AlphaGraphics located in Orem, Utah, we can transform your event advertising by creating a sleek banner for any occasion. Whether you’re planning a business convention, a farmers market or the state fair, we’ll help your banner attract attendees.


A banner is much less expensive than a billboard and is more versatile. You can hang up your banner on practically anything. Once it’s up, you have the flexibility of moving it whenever and wherever you want. A banner is perfect for events because once the event is over, you can easily take it down. Whether it’s a concert or a conference, a banner is a great option. Do you have a cause your organization is supporting at a charity event? Hang it on a banner. What about the finish line of a marathon? Hang it on a banner.

Types of Banners

With several different banner options available, together, we can pick out a banner that fits the theme of your event. For large crowds of people, we offer suspended and hanging banners. These banners are often found dangling with cables and rods, typically placed up high at an entrance, an exit or even between two sides of a street. Suspended and hanging banners are often made of thick vinyl, which is tear-free, durable and weatherproof. Our vinyl banners can also be placed on walls, fences and sides of buildings. For indoor events, we’d recommend our mesh and fabric banners. Mesh banners have a great aesthetic look to them, and can actually work outside as well. Our fabric banners are our best option for full-color graphics. The polyester or satin material makes these indoor banners a simple, machine washable and crinkle-free option.

Outdoor Banners

At AlphaGraphics, our outdoor banners are sturdy and completely water-resistant. When designing your outdoor banner, consider placing less text on the banner so it is more readable for cars that drive by. Overall, outdoor banners are extremely convenient and versatile for placing in almost any location.

Indoor Banners

Indoor banners are the perfect option for trade shows, conferences and sporting events. Aside from events, these banners can work for promotions and more permanent placements in shopping malls, retail stores and churches. Indoor banners do not have weather limitations, giving you more creative freedom and a larger selection of banners to choose from.

How to Improve Your Banner Advertising

Once you have figured out the best banner option for your event, it’s time to refine it. A great banner is one that is properly placed. Strategically map a location to put your banner that will have high traffic in your target audience. If your banner isn’t ever seen or isn’t seen by the right people, it will be pointless for your advertising. Once your banner is tactfully placed, create a message that will build brand awareness and include a call to action. This could be as simple as attaching your logo and posing a question. More than anything, a great banner utilizes your creativity. Don’t shy away from personalizing your banners with unique colors and design aspects. Expressing creativity in your banners is one of the best ways to advertise. Whether it’s a music festival, a carnival, a symposium or parade, an AlphaGraphics banner is the most convenient advertising option for your event. With a store location conveniently placed right in Orem, Utah, we can aid you in printing indoor and outdoor banners that will be affordable, and of high quality. With a great banner, your event is one worth looking forward to. See our Sign Services page or call us at (801) 426-6200 for more information.

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