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Labels, Stickers and Decals

Paint the town with your brand, motto or tagline.

Labels and decals identify and protect your company’s employees, inventory and workplace. They are ideal for marking company assets, organizing inventory, and marking items for maintenance or repair.

You can also use labels to track shipping dates, expiration, and to a certain extent the contents of various packages in your warehouses. Also, these items can be used as a way to mark hard hats and other equipment to keep people informed about the special skills certain individuals may have during emergencies.

And labels, stickers and decals are just plain fun, especially when creatively designed and die cut. Contact the pros at AlphaGraphics South Salt Lake: 801-461-0500. Stick with us and you'll grow your business all over town.

  • Holographic labels for mailers
  • Decals for product promotion
  • Branded labels for gifts
  • Bumper stickers for incentives or giveaways
  • Die-cut stickers for event packets
  • Stickers for water, wine, and beer bottles
  • Custom product and warning labels
Contact the AlphaGraphics South Salt Lake marketing team today for effective and successful product labeling. Call 801-461-0500 and talk to Gregg, Christian, or CJ.

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