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List Acquisition

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Even if your direct marketing campaign has the perfect message, graphics, and copywriting, you won’t see results if you aren’t targeting the right audience. Improve your list, and improve your ROI; it's that simple.

At AlphaGraphics, our marketing professionals will help you generate lists specific to your target market so your direct marketing campaigns reach the right people. On a tight budget?  Teaming up with the marketing experts at AlphaGraphics can drastically reduce wasted marketing materials and ensure that every dollar spent turns your prospects into active customers. 

 List Acquisition


  • Identifying your ideal customer profile
  • Buying and renting lists
  • Building customized house lists
  • Cleaning and managing databases
 List Acquisition


List management involves the buying, renting, or compiling of direct marketing lists that help you reach the individuals who are most likely to do business with your company. Paired with effective marketing practices, your list will help you improve your ROI and expand your business.


About 40% of a direct marketing campaign’s success is based on its mailing list. Your product or service may be groundbreaking; you may have extremely creative and attention-grabbing marketing materials; but without a strong list, your returns won’t reflect your effort.  Investing in a strong list will directly impact your campaign results.


AlphaGraphics is a marketing communications company staffed with a team of professionals who will help you every step of the way with your marketing list management. Whether you're looking to buy or rent a list, or build your own house list, we’re on your team!

Would you like to get a more in-depth look into how our list management services can impact your company's direct marketing efforts? Give us a call or send us an email today. We look forward to working with you!


Trying to have an effective direct marketing campaign without a proper list is like trying to hit a bullseye with an arrow while blindfolded. Even with the best bow and arrow on the market, you will never hit the target. And the same applies to direct marketing, with perfect messaging, great graphic design, and engaging copy, you will still never reach your target audience with a bad list. Getting it right from the start with a good list removes that metaphorical blindfold and massively increases your return on investment!


At AlphaGraphics Chicago North, our marketing team has years of experience honing in on the right target for many Chicago businesses just like yours. We help you to get lists that ensure you aren’t wasting marketing resources on leads that won’t pan out. With our list acquisition services, you will get the help you need with Chicago list management services, including:


  • List purchasing
  • List rental
  • Maintaining house lists
  • Database scrubbing and management


Sound like something that you need to take up your direct marketing and mailing efforts up to that next level? Yeah, we thought so. Give us a call or send us an email today. We can’t wait to see the powerful results that having a great list and properly maintained database does to your business marketing!


What is List Acquisition?

List acquisition is something anyone can do with the right know how and marketing experience. It includes the buying, renting, or collection of lists for the purpose of sending targeted marketing messages to those that have the highest probability of using your products and services. Lists vary in price according to accuracy, amount, and relevancy of the information. The right effort in a good list determines the success of your eventual direct marketing efforts.


What Does it Mean for Our Marketing Efforts?

Even with the best marketing collateral, wasting time and effort on a list with bad information could be the death of your marketing campaign and prove to be quite costly. Also, a good list can provide you with individuals or businesses that you never even knew existed that are in your target demographic. Capitalizing on these leads means more potential customers and a greater rate of growth for your business. 


Why Choose AlphaGraphics Chicago North?

Though there are countless services out there offering low-cost or even free lists, we believe these services aren’t worth the hassle in the long run. Our team carefully selects the the right choice for you to save you the headache in the long term. When 40% of your direct marketing campaign’s success is determined by the quality of your list, AlphaGraphics Chicago North has the know how and experience to increase your effectiveness.



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