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Restaurant Menu Printing

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As a restauranteur, you know that impressed customers are return customers so you’ve made atmosphere a priority--with a friendly staff, a warm environment and delicious fare. But what about your menu?

Make your guests crave your cuisine with attractive menus featuring mouthwatering images, illustrations, and descriptions of your OPTIONS. AlphaGraphics offers a wide selection of menu formats and templates to tempt customers’ palates.


  • Table tents and shelf talkers
  • Single or multi-page layouts
  • Gloss coating or lamination
  • Wall-mounted and take-out menus
  • Point-of-purchase materials

You want to give your guests a memorable experience from start to finish so they can’t wait to tell their friends, right? A professionally printed menu not only sets you apart from your competitors, but conveys a lasting impression of quality and service. These associations carry over to your brand—helping you create trusting relationships with your customers.


DESIGN: Bring in your completed designs for printing or ask us to help you design a menu from scratch.

COLOR: Select full-color or black and white prints created on our state-of-the-art digital equipment.

MATERIAL: Choose from a variety of paper stock, lamination, and bindery options to customize the perfect look.


  • Flyers
  • Table tents
  • Posters, signs, and banners
  • Business cards
  • Standardized training materials
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SADDLE STITCHED. Menus are printed on large sheets of paper which are folded lengthwise and stapled along the fold, creating a discreet binding.

WIRE-O. Printed sheets are cut to size and neatly bound using double-loop metal rings.

SPIRAL OR COMB BINDING. Paper is custom cut and bound together using a tight, plastic spiral coil or comb.

Restaurant Menu Printing

Just like your food, your marketing materials should reflect excellence. Partner with AlphaGraphics and we’ll help you develop a personalized marketing solution for your restaurant.  With consistent design, messaging and theme, our team can help you develop cohesive marketing materials that support your brand. We can even pack and ship them from any of our convenient business centers.

Contact us today to learn more about our restaurant menu printing and other integrated solutions provided by the talented AlphaGraphics marketing team.


Restaurants have many choices when it comes to menu printing. Media is available in a variety of substrates, sizes, and textures. Some restaurants prefer a matte classic look for their menus. Other eateries prefer a lamination to ensure durability and longevity and some prefer a textured card stock to relay information. Still, others prefer large format menus on foamcore boards or even on wall adhesive vinyl adhered directly onto their wall. Whichever preference, AlphaGraphics Chicago North has you covered.


Card stock menus are the most common form of restaurant menu printing. These can be on a matte or gloss finish, at any size preferred. A common preference is to use a textured card stock finish, such as linen or laid. These textures give a subtle difference that some eateries look for. Still others prefer card stock menus on different colors and accents, such as classic natural white or a stone white. Others prefer a “greener” look on a recycled paper stock to help illustrate their environmental consciousness. Menus printed on card stocks can either stand alone or be inserted into a restaurant portfolio/book, depending on the establishment. Some restaurants prefer a book menu that is coil or wire bound. These can also work for hotels offering in-room dining menus to their patrons from restaurants within their premises. 


Another option is table tent menus. These are especially common in bar restaurants with high top tables. These A-Frame table tops stand alone and are great for temporary promotions and specials. Bar restaurants can also utilize larger outdoor A-Frame signage on the sidewalks to illustrate their daily specials or menu items to capture nearby foot traffic, especially on the busier streets and neighborhoods of Chicago. 


A more modern, fresh way of showcasing menus for restaurants is the utilization of wall graphics and printing large foam core signs mounted to the walls/counters of restaurants. These are more common in fast food/counter service restaurants where customers can simply look up while ordering and pick their selections. With the use of new magnet printing technology, these types of menus do not have to be permanent either. By purchasing the magnet backer, a restaurant has flexibility with menu changes by simply printing a new magnet menu each time they come up or want to sell a new item. These work especially well with rotating and seasonal menu items.


AlphaGraphics Chicago North can also print trifolds, perfect for take-out menus and/or catering menus. These are typically printed on text weight stocks on either glossy or matte finishes. They are great for restaurants utilizing delivery or for high traffic eateries such as pizza parlors and Chinese restaurants. 


Here at AlphaGraphics Chicago North, we can help guide you through the many options available in the menu printing world. Contact one of our experienced team members today to assist you in selecting the appropriate menu for your print world. We can also help you with the design or changes you are looking for if that is something you need as well.

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