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Need gorgeous brochures, posters, or workbooks for a meeting tomorrow afternoon? AlphaGraphics offers advanced digital printing solutions that produce stunning, quality prints without the time-intensive setup of traditional printing. 

What does this mean for you? Quick, efficient turnaround without compromising quality. So you can tailor your message today, and then change it 2 weeks from now with a few easy tweaks of the digital file. In other words, you can deliver a targeted message to exactly the right people, at exactly the right time.


Printing from a digital-based image onto a variety of media, using professional large-format or high-volume printers. It minimizes labor and materials while providing ample options for customization.


With over 4 decades of printing experience, our marketing experts are adept at producing high-quality, affordable printed materials to help business professionals raise brand awareness and drive results.  Our goal is to help you succeed!


  • Newsletters
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Promotional cards
  • Rack cards
  • Presentations
  • Annual reports


IT'S FAST. With so little setup required, digital boasts lightning-swift turnaround on shorter run projects (2,000 pages or less.)

IT'S GREEN.  Digital printers allow quick, on-demand printing, and eliminate the pre-press stages of traditional printing that create waste.

IT'S EFFICIENT. Digital data enables easy storage and editing and doesn’t require large quantities of stock on-hand.

IT'S COST EFFECTIVE. No minimum orders—order only what you need, as you need it, and update as often as you like.

IT'S EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY. Digital presses produce vibrant, high-resolution images with stunning clarity.

Digital printing is fast and it’s also incredibly versatile.  Need to print 1,500 labels with a different name on each?  AlphaGraphics’ cutting-edge technologies allow for variable data printing to further personalize your communications.

Ready to get started?  Contact our marketing team today, and we’ll put our digital printing technologies to work on your next project.


Digital Printing has continued to rise in both importance and capabilities over the last few decades. Manufacturers such as Xerox, Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Canon have been competing for years to improve print quality and speed all while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. 


It wasn’t too many years ago that Offset Printing was still the gold standard. The original printing press was founded in Germany around the 1400’s and to this day much of the technology has not changed a great deal. Digital Printing started to take hold in the 1960’s with Xerox and others beginning to first make production quality black and white machines and then eventually color. Digital Printing revolutionized the printing industry and had a lot to do with creating a new industry of “Quick Printers” who no longer had to spend millions of dollars on massive machines.


Early digital printing really struggled with quality but speed, versatility and the lack of set up time really caused it to begin to take hold.  While commercial printers continued to improve their speed, quality, and efficiencies, manufacturers turned to making the machines smaller and smaller. The first smaller digital printers began to show up in offices around the world considerably increasing the productivity of virtually every company they were introduced in. Later as the actual sizes and dimensions of these machines continued to get smaller they became used in individual office and home environments.


The biggest reason for the rise of digital printing in the world of commercial printing though is it’s significant increase in the quality of the images. It has really only been in the last few years that digital printing has begun to rival the quality of offset printing. As technologies continue to improve there will come a day very soon where image quality is equal to or better than offset and while offset will still be a tremendous option for large run jobs, it's place in the industry is beginning to shrink.


AlphaGraphics has two state of the art digital printers. We have both a Ricoh 7110 and 651 offering our customers the highest quality digital printing available today. The Ricoh 7110 is our newest machine. It provides the highest resolution and best quality images available anywhere. The machine is also unique in that it can print on much thicker stock materials and at a higher speed of over seventy pages per minute. This allows us to offer customers the thicker stocks and higher quality that they demand and keeps us one step ahead of our competition.


Digital Printing at AlphaGraphics is really the backbone of our business. We offer all types of products through digitally printing including business cards, letterhead, brochures, flyers, books, presentations, labels, direct mailers, envelopes, stickers, and vinvitations to name a few. We are able to offer customers the highest quality at the lowest possible price due to our capacity and efficiencies with our machines.


We offer digital printing services, graphic design services, marketing solutions, and large format printing with rush delivery available on the north side of Chicago including Streeterville, River North, Navy Pier, Old Town, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Wrigleyville and more. AlphaGraphics is your local Chicago printing company. 

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