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Perforated Window Graphics

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So you want to advertise on your window space, but not block your vision outside? AlphaGraphics has the solution--with dynamic perforated graphics that can be cleanly installed on any window or door!

Have you wrapped your storefront windows yet? Why waste prime advertising real estate with such a high-performance marketing tool so readily available? AlphaGraphics offers digitally printed perforated vinyl that can be installed on the inside or outside of the window, customized to your specifications, and we’ll even install it for you.

Perforated Window Graphics

Imagine a billboard-sized graphic at ground level, enticing distracted passersby to stop and take a long look at your storefront. Getting their attention is the first major step in gaining a new customer, and you can do it without saying a word!

Just let your bedazzled windows speak for you, with benefits like:

  • Interior or exterior use
  • Full color advanced digital printing
  • Added privacy and heat/light reduction during daytime
  • Fewer coverage restrictions than traditional signage
  • Short or long-term options
  • Simple, high-impact marketing on-location
Perforated Window Graphics

Promote your upcoming event, brighten up your “store hours” signage, draw attention to huge holiday sales, decorate for the season, or simply glorify your business logo and tagline in bold hues.

Ready to transform your bland windows into a 24/7 message board for your brand?  Contact AlphaGraphics today, and we’ll assist you right up until “it’s a wrap.”



If you are looking for functional window graphics that allow you to make a visual impact, perforated window graphics are an excellent solution. Whether you have a vehicle that you operate for business purposes, or are looking to cover some windows in your office, perforated vinyl allows you to showcase your artwork while still maintaining functionality. Imagine you are driving your vehicle down Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and the waves of pedestrians who would be able to take notice of your business if you applied eye catching window perforation! The opportunity to be seen is everywhere – you just need to take advantage of it! 


So, what is perforated window film anyways? Perforated window film is a 6 millimeter calendared vinyl. It is a removable material and has a life expectancy of 1 year. Calendered vinyl refers to the process in which the material is manufactured. This film comes in various levels of coverage – coverage meaning the amount of printed material vs the amount of material that is cut away. A standard perforated window film is 65/35 (65% covered, 35% open). It is required by law that any film going on a vehicle must be a ratio of 50/50 (50% covered, 50% open) for safety purposes. It is also required that any over-laminates that are applied to perforated window films must be optically clear. Over-laminates are applied to preserve the durability of the film. Given Chicago’s inclement weather, over-laminates may be worth consideration. However, in most cases these are difficult to apply given the texture of the material and this process is typically not recommended for vehicle graphics.


Another great application for perforated window graphics is in your office space. No matter what field applies to your Chicago business, perforated window graphics can be a great addition to your front reception area, conference rooms, office windows and doors, and more! Say you own a medical practice in Chicago’s River North area – your front office space likely has reception desk where patients can check in. This is a great opportunity to apply perforated window graphics to the reception windows. Not only can this create an inviting entry for patients, but it also adds a level of security that you can’t get with other window films. Staff members can see out, but patients cannot see in.

Another great opportunity to use perforated window graphics is in your conference space! Perhaps you own a law firm in the Chicago North area and are looking to create a more intimate and secure conference space for client meetings. This is a great way to upgrade the overall look of your office and advertise your business offerings, while also making for a comfortable environment for clients to feel as though their personal information is being handled in a confidential manner. 


Summer is right around the corner in Chicago, and perforated window graphics are a great way to let the outdoors in. Unlike other vinyl materials that provide complete coverage, perforated window graphics allow you to let the natural light in! They allow you to see what is happening outside your storefront while also providing a great visual for foot traffic and street traffic! Our Alphagraphics Chicago North team is a great resource when it comes to window and wall graphics, and we can help you every step of the way as you begin to consider perforated window film for your next project!  

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