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Vehicle Wrap

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Transform your company car or truck into a rolling billboard for your brand with custom vehicle wraps and graphics. From full body wraps, to magnets, and everything in between, AlphaGraphics has the tools to turn your boring delivery van into an eye-catching advertisement on wheels!

What better way to multi-task than by advertising your products and services while you’re stuck in traffic? Vehicle wraps allow you to effortlessly reach thousands of wandering eyes with your brand message during your daily commute. With so many options to choose from, our marketing and communications experts can help you hand-craft the ideal wrap to knock your branding objectives out of the park.

Not quite ready for the full wrap effect? No problem. We offer a variety of lower-profile vehicle graphic options.



  • Window perforations
  • Frosted graphics
  • Window clings
  • Custom vehicle lettering
  • Vehicle magnets
  • Partial vehicle wraps

Not only can our team help you develop your messaging and design, but we’ll print, laminate, cut and install your wrap or graphics for you. Choose from unique materials like matte, chrome and other specialty vinyl; and rest assured that our advanced printing technologies will convert your static design into a vibrant, full-color statement for your vehicle. 

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Thinking about a custom decal instead? We can do that too. Dress up your company vehicles with your logo or brand message on the side panel or back door with a colorful decal. We print to order! Simply select your font, shape, material, and design, and we’ll produce quality decals ready-made to apply to your vehicle. Our professional installers are standing by and can install them for you!


Ready to start building brand awareness while simply running errands?  Contact the team at AlphaGraphics today and we’ll help you craft the perfect branded graphics for your vehicle.


If you are looking for a great way to advertise your Chicago business & be seen by potential clientele, consider car wraps!


Car wraps allow you to create eye catching designs which can help promote your business and get people to take notice and inquire about your services. Car wraps come in a variety of forms, and while they are an investment, they are an investment that can have a great return. You may think that getting your car wrapped is a very difficult and complicated task – not to worry – at Alphagraphics Chicago North, our sales/design team is here to help you every step of the way. 



If you are thinking about getting your crap wrapped, you will need to ask yourself a few questions in order to begin the process.



  • What is my budget for this car wrap? 
  • How much of my vehicle do I want to wrap?
  • Will I be able to provide print-ready design files for my printer?
  • Will I need design services?

These questions are key when it comes to having an informed discussion with your sales rep. 


Let’s say you would like to do a partial vehicle wrap and you will need complete design services. You will want to begin by deciding what areas of the car you would like to have wrapped. From there, your Alphagraphics Chicago North sales rep can pull the appropriate design template for your particular vehicle model. You can then provide your Alphagrapics Chicago North rep with your design ideas for the wrap. They will then be able to provide an accurate quote for the design, print, and installation of your car wrap. 


Once pricing has been approved, our talented design team at Alphagraphics Chicago North will begin to create digital proofs for your review. This process will likely include 2-3 rounds of digital proofs for your review. These proofs allow you to make edits and tweak your design so that your final prints are exactly as you want them. Car wraps are an investment and it is our job to make sure your final product meets your expectations and allows the city of Chicago to take notice of your stellar marketing efforts!


There are a few materials that can be used for car wraps. The most common is standard vinyl, which can be used to cover the body of your vehicle. Should you decide that you want to cover the windows as well, you can explore perforated vinyl. Perforated window film is a 6 millimeter calendared vinyl. It is a removable material and has a life expectancy of 1 year. Calendered vinyl refers to the process in which the material is manufactured. This film comes in various levels of coverage – coverage meaning the amount of printed material vs the amount of material that is cut away. A standard perforated window film is 65/35 (65% covered, 35% open).


It is required by law that any film going on a vehicle must be a ratio of 50/50 (50% covered, 50% open) for safety purposes. It is also required that any over-laminates that are applied to perforated window films must be optically clear. Over-laminates are applied to preserve the durability of the film. Given Chicago’s inclement weather, over-laminates may be worth consideration, however in most cases these are difficult to apply given the texture of the material & this process is typically not recommended for car wraps that include perforated window film.


Once your designs have been approved and the templates are sized for print, you can expect production to take at least a week. Once the graphics are printed, you can bring your vehicle to the site for installation. It is very important that your vehicle is washed with no wax treatments. This will ensure a successful install of the graphics. If possible, it is also helpful if your vehicle can sit inside overnight, so as to allow the surface temperature to be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If your car wrap installation happens to coincide with one of Chicago’s hearty winters, you will definitely need to keep the vehicle inside overnight. 


Chicago is the city to see and be seen, and you are sure to attract attention with a well-designed car wrap! Reach out to one of Alphagraphics Chicago North sales representatives to see how you can turn your vehicle into an on-the-go advertisement! 

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