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Vinyl Banner

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Digitally-printed banners are as versatile as they are gorgeous.  Dress up your storefront or draw eyes to your expo or reunion with vibrant, high-quality banner solutions from AlphaGraphics.


It’s Marketing 101: you want your visual communications to be attention-grabbing, durable, and memorable.  Vinyl banners can help knock your marketing objectives out of the park, with unlimited customizability!

Vinyl Banner

Not sure what type of banner you need?  That’s what we’re here for!  Our team of marketing and communications experts can help you design the perfect banner for your specific needs.


  • Single or double-sided images
  • Resilient 13 oz. vinyl or 15 oz. blockout vinyl
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Full color or black and white printing
  • Weather, fade and abrasion-resistant ink and finishes
  • Grommets, clear tabs, hemming and taping
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  • Retractable banners or banner pop-ups
  • A-frame stands
  • Outdoor pole banners
  • Tension pole stands
  • Adjustable rigid-pole stands
  • Cable display systems, and more!

Need a double-sided pole banner that can stand up to harsh weather conditions? Our reinforced blockout material is engineered to prevent image washout from backlighting so your graphics will be bold and vivid from either side.

How about a custom-cut square banner to fit a tight trade show booth or retail wall? We’ll help you pick the material, finish and mounting options to maximize your wall space.

No matter your marketing objective, we’ve got the tools to help you hit your ROI on the first try. Contact us today to get started!


Vinyl Banners are suitable for indoor applications as well as outdoor applications. They can serve the same purpose as signs in that they can inform or direct and are often used for advertising events or products in particular settings. 


Indoor Vinyl Banners are usually printed and hemmed with grommets with the idea they are hung from a wall or ceiling, usually in a fairly large area where a sign may not be large enough or cost effective enough to be seen. Examples are typically found in:

  • Grocery and other large stores
  • Large hallways, auditoriums and classrooms
  • Indoor sporting event facilities including gymnasiums, pools, fieldhouses, arena’s

Really any indoor, large area where a customer wants to say something is a great location.


Outdoor vinyl banners are just as useful. This is where the opportunity of extremely large sizes comes into play when people may be viewing them from a great distance. This is truly where size matters and often the bigger the better in these cases. Examples of outdoor banners include:

  • Roads, alleys, lightpoles
  • Parking lots, parks, driveways
  • Athletic Facilities – baseball/softball fields, football fields, soccer fields, track and field facilities, tennis courts and larger stadiums.


Indoor and outdoor vinyl banners vary greatly in terms of their construction. Indoor banners are typically solid vinyl which provides better resolution in a controlled environment. Outdoor vinyl banners can be solid vinyl also but in areas where there are high winds or particular environmental concerns we often use a mesh vinyl banner. A mesh banner is preferable as it will allow wind and many of the elements to pass through without damaging the banner. Mesh is not ideal if it is being viewed at close range but from distances it is virtually indistinguishable from solid materials.


At Alphagraphics Chicago North we produce our vinyl banners on high quality printers from Hewlitt Packard. HP has been manufacturing machines in this space for many years and the quality of the images, no matter what the size is truly spectacular. It is amazing to see how this technology has improved just over the last few years and providing the files we receive are of appropriate resolution, our customers are frequently amazed with the resolution even with incredibly large jobs.


Production of vinyl banners whether they be indoor or outdoor is fairly similar. Once the banners are printed they are hemmed either by taping or sewing and then typically grommets are installed every five to ten inches which are typically used for mounting. Vinyl banners are still the state of the art in terms of substrates for the best image quality but looming on the horizon and in the not too distant future is fabric. While fabric is not necessarily appropriate for outdoor vinyl banners it can be used for indoor vinyl banners. The quality of print images on fabric is getting better and better and of course fabric offers the advantage of significantly less weight and it is much easier to transport and store.


Alphagraphics Chicago North is a leader in the production of vinyl banners with our state of the art Hewlett Packard printers putting out simply amazing quality images. If you have a need for vinyl banners or would like to see if they are appropriate for your job or your facility contact us.

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