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How can you showcase your brand in an intriguing, thought-provoking way? Try a uniquely designed wall display.

You want to impress potential customers from the moment they set eyes on your trade show booth, lobby, or store. AlphaGraphics offers a diverse selection of display solutions: from large, pre-built displays with lighting and framework, to custom individually designed displays.

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The experts at AlphaGraphics can help you design truly “remarkable” displays that not only showcase your best products, but are conversation pieces themselves.


PREBUILT OR ASSEMBLED PANEL DISPLAYS. Built to last with sturdy, contemporary framework, customizable panels, and built-in lighting. Choose from a variety of sizes and layouts to create a professional, eye-catching stage for your brand.

FABRIC WALL DISPLAYS. Vibrant graphics and stark messaging printed on heavy-duty stretch or Velcro-compatible fabric and attached to a durable frame. Makes set-up and take down a breeze.

STANDALONE DISPLAYS. Spice up your booth with a wide selection of self-supporting materials, ranging from multi-panel telescoping displays to single banner-up displays for the floor or the table.

Whatever size, style, or variation you can dream up, we’ve got it.  And the best part? Any display can be custom designed in-house, packaged and delivered to the door of your next big show. 


  • QR codes
  • PURLs
  • SMS short codes and/or
  • Social media profiles
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Impress and inform event visitors with high-quality printed materials.


  • Flyers and brochures
  • Booklets and catalogs
  • Eye-catching business cards
  • Modern signs and promotional banners
  • Industry-specific infographics

Contact AlphaGraphics today to learn how we can integrate our full-service marketing solutions into a trade show presentation that your potential customers won’t forget!


New substrates, adhesives, and printing methods combined with higher resolution cameras and camera phones have significantly increased the number of uses for wall displays. Indoor and outdoor applications continue to increase, often transforming bland, painted walls or concrete block walls into canvases for amazing designs. Before embarking on a wall display design, a few items to consider:


Image/Image Quality

Wall display design really begins with the image itself. The first question is whether the image resolution is high enough for the selected location. Images with lower resolution can look distorted and blurred when blown up. There are recommended resolutions for all sizes of wall displays. Typically, the farther away the viewing angle the less the human eye can distinguish clarity so these images need not be as precise. A designer creating a custom image must take into account how the image will look fully enlarged versus simply on a computer screen. Images should not be too “busy” or intricate that they are not fully recognizable at larger sizes. Colors too will vary in terms of how they look in sunlight versus other types of lighting


Viewing Distance

Any wall display design must take into account from where the image will be predominantly viewed. This is not very difficult for indoor applications but it is a very different situation outdoors. Photographic and printing equipment have actually gotten so good that some advances are indistinguishable to the human eye. Designers do however need to be very precise with images that are viewed indoors, as these can be viewed at almost point blank range. This makes image and print quality critical for optimal results. 


Substrate Coatings (Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte)

Images for wall display designs will look different on the various coatings which are typically offered. A designer must take into account how the image can be visually optimized and balance that with how it looks during different times of the day. Again, this is not typically an issue with indoor applications unless they are placed in direct sunlight, but can be a huge factor with those that are outdoor. The glare of the sun often limits the options for gloss and semi-gloss coatings to avoid glare. Glossy and semi-glossy finishes are typically used indoors and away from direct sunlight. In these cases a designer is looking for the image to “pop” and stand out from its surroundings as much as possible. Matte finishes are used primarily outdoors but can also be used indoors, often for landscape type images. Outdoors, the matte finish absorbs the rays and glare from the sun. Colors tend to look richer and truer to their originally intended design.


Alphagraphics Chicago North employs two seasoned Graphic Designers who can handle virtually any wall display design. Indoor or outdoor, no matter the size, substrate, or finish, they can create virtually anything a customer could possibly imagine or simply find.


Call us today and let us transform your space!

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