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Reinvent your organization’s look and feel with bold, branded wall graphics and lettering from AlphaGraphics.   

Lively wall images and lettering are a powerful tool for transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary centerpieces, without overshooting your budget.

Whether you’re looking to promote a short-term sale or event and need temporary images, or your goals involve permanent branding for your retail windows and walls, AlphaGraphics offers everything you’ll need to turn your surfaces into prime marketing elements.

From custom, life-size wall decals to elegant, understated die-cut images, we’ll help you energize your space.



  • Life-sized murals
  • Textile or fabric graphics
  • Personalized wallpaper 
  • Custom quotes and logo graphics
Wall Graphics

Our unique wall art and lettering is printed on an exclusive, fabric-like material using state of the art, high resolution digital printers. This distinctive material employs a repositionable adhesive that easily removes from your walls, with zero damage so you can place images with the freedom to change your mind.

Or, if you’d prefer, you can leave the delivery and installation to our team of wall graphics experts. Doors, floors, ceilings and walls—we’ll help you design a creative space for your business. 

Wall Graphic

Contact us today to request a free quote for our transformative wall graphics and custom-font lettering options.


Here at Alphagraphics Chicago North we have seen a tremendous rise in the popularity of wall graphics. There are few products that have the ability to transform a room or a space as wall graphics and are seeing growth due to technology both in image quality and in adhesives.


Image Quality

Image quality really comes down to resolution and cameras continue to offer higher and higher resolutions which allow for larger and larger images with impeccable clarity and quality. Along with higher quality cameras comes higher quality and larger printers to produce these images. Led by industry leader Hewlett Packard, there are dozens of what we term “Large Format” printers to take on even the biggest jobs. Hewlett Packard recently showed off their new one hundred twenty-six inch roll latex printer which can tackle the largest of wall graphic jobs.



Wall graphics had been used very sparingly over the years for one simple reason. Upon removal, walls were often damaged and significant expenses were incurred by commercial tenants when they moved. Early wall graphics were no more than traditional wallpaper with custom images printed, but while that works in a residential setting where people move roughly every seven or so years, the turnover for commercial tenants are usually more frequent. Furthermore, while a large percentage of people rent residentially, a much higher percentage of commercial tenants rent or lease their spaces. 

Led by advancements by industry leader 3M, new adhesive technologies have been developed and continue to be perfected to address this exact problem. Now offered by a number of manufacturers, adhesives for wall graphics can be categorized three ways: repositionable, removable, and permanent. Repositionable wall graphics are much like the popular “Fat Head” items. These images can be place on a wall and “repositioned” as many times as necessary. The only drawback is that once dirt gets on the adhesive it loses its properties. Removable wall graphics are not movable but when it comes time to take them down both the substrate and adhesive come up from the wall leaving it fully intact. There are materials that are guaranteed anywhere from three to seven years. Finally, permanent wall graphics will last for more than seven years in most cases and are appropriate for companies who own their office spaces.


Wall graphics and lettering can transform offices, hallways, conference rooms in commercial settings and have a multitude of uses in schools, hospitals, and retail settings. Alphagraphics Chicago North can provide high quality printed images on high quality substrates such as vinyl, fabric, and even PVC free materials in and around Chicago, IL.


If you are considering wall graphics please give us a call. We would be exited to work with you on transforming your space. Your creativity and imagination is all that is holding you back! We can use your own images or find images from one of the many vendors who have stock photos of almost anything you can imagine. At our production office, Alphagraphics Chicago North has several examples that you can see for yourself. Give us a call or stop by our 811 W. Evergreen location.

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