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Make your storefront a conversation piece with gorgeous window graphics that sing “Look at me!” AlphaGraphics offers many options to transform your everyday windows into branded masterpieces.

Are you making the most of the prominent advertising space right inside your business’s building? Whether you’re looking to promote a short-term sale or event and need temporary images, or your goals involve permanent branding for your retail windows and walls, we’ve got you covered.

Window graphics and designs are an excellent way to make use of valuable storefront advertising space—the area that reflects your organization to passersby.  Bright colors and images grab attention and convey an impression of quality and expertise that mismatched signage or window painting never will.



  • Window clings
  • Window perf graphics
  • Frosted window graphics
  • Window lettering
  • Window shades
  • Imaged glass


CUSTOM PRINTED WALLPAPER AND MURALS. Give your school, home, or conference space a facelift with floor to ceiling wall murals.


ONE-WAY VISION OR CLEAR WINDOW DECALS. Choose to be seen … or not … with one-way or see-through window decals.


STATIC WINDOW CLINGS. Boost sales with attractive, full-color window clings: a cost-effective way to advertise your business. These vibrant graphics are durable, versatile, and easy to install!


FLOOR GRAPHICS. Transform your bland floors into eye-catching displays with durable, slip-resistant floor graphics. Customize flat or 3D visuals that will stop customers in their tracks at dealerships, grocery stores, schools, or airports.


VINYL DECALS AND LETTERING. Convert boring structures into prominent marketing elements with waterproof vinyl lettering and logos. Display decals on windows, doors, walls, vehicles, and even cement! With vinyl-cut lettering, you can decorate windows without completely blocking light and visibility, so visitors can still see your interior displays. Choose from permanent, temporary, or extra durable; cut to any size or shape you can dream up.

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Ready to increase your building’s curb appeal? Inside or out, AlphaGraphics can help you develop images and graphics for your building to promote and build your brand. Contact us today to learn more or to request a free quote.


Window graphics are a great way to expose your brand, while making your presence known on a visual stage!

From the doors of your office, branding your company’s board room, to displaying images which represent your company from your windows to the streets below; window graphics are a strong form of advertising. Window graphics are usually made from 4 substrates; dusted crystal, cut vinyl, opaque vinyl, and mesh.


  • Dusted Crystal is commonly used on glass, and gives the allusion of etched glass without the cost and labor. The dusted crystal can be applied in full sheets or cut to a logo or certain font of a company.

  • Cut vinyl is a great substrate to show off your brand. There are various colors and finishes to the vinyl to really customize and make an impact on your store front.

  • Opaque vinyl is a great way to add privacy. Mesh is an excellent way to send display your brand, without blocking the view from outside. These are the popular substrate which is used on buses.


Window Graphics much like wall and floor graphics have really come into their own in the last few years.  Their rise in popularity is directly due to the improvements in mobile camera and camera technology allowing for images with significantly higher resolution than in the past.  Second, the improvement in printing technology with larger aqueous and latex printers that can print larger and larger images without virtually any degradation in the image itself.  Finally, new substrates for window graphics allow for almost transparent, translucent and opaque backing.

Window Graphics of forest scene

The application of window graphics also involves the question of whether the install is first surface or second surface.  First surface window graphics are applied to the exterior of the window so it must be considered to what degree they are subjected to the environment most specifically rain, wind and sun. We have to pay more attention than most being in the great city of Chicago with all types of weather.  Second surface window graphics are installed on the inside of the window facing outward.  Second Surface window graphics are almost exclusively indoors making the installation, adhesive and substrate less important. 


Image Quality

As with wall graphics the increase in the quality of images is just as important with window graphics.  Window graphics often require dot patterns and depending on the arrangement and “packing” of the dots people are able to see through the material from the inside.  With this said the image quality for window graphics is typically not as important as with wall or floor graphics because the images are typically viewed from greater distances.  This matters because at greater distances the human eye can only make out resolution to a point so ultra high resolution at long viewing distances are not necessary.



Substrates for window graphics are typically sourced by Alphagraphics Chicago North from our friends at 3M.  As with wall graphics they have been on the cutting edge of window graphic substrates and adhesives.  Other competitors such as Avery Dennison have also entered the market and also provide very high quality products.


Window graphics are printed on different materials than wall graphics or floor graphics due to the properties of the glass.  This also effects the type of adhesive that is required.  The question also needs to be asked to the customer how much (if any) would they like to see from the inside of the window.  


The most temporary substrate adhesion for window graphics is the “cling”.  The “cling” simply uses static electricity to adhere to the glass making it ideal for temporary displays.  As with wall graphics, the next level of adhesion for window graphics are repositionable and removable substrates.  The customer’s choice with these is really how long they would like the image to last.  Removing substrates from windows is not as difficult as with walls or floors but having a substrate that removes without leaving adhesive residual will save the customers money and make their removal much faster.


Alphagraphics Chicago North is one of the leading provider of window graphics in Chicago.  Large or small jobs, we have the most state of the art printing equipment, substrates and top notch installers ready to take on your project.  We just need your creativity and desire, we will to the rest.  Give us a call, we would be excited to hear from you.

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