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When it comes to your marketing materials, you need images and photos that really pop. Working with a company that will produce crisp materials that grab viewers’ attention and get the responses you need is crucial.

Want to create a project that really stands out? Work with the team at AlphaGraphics! We offer a wide selection of high-quality options including:


  • Color printing in nearly any size or quantity
  • A variety of paper and synthetic materials 
  • Professional finishing techniques 
  • Creative binding options
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  • Send us your print-ready projects or work with our certified designers to create the files
  • Select the paper and quantity to fit your needs
  • Pick up your finished project or let us pack and ship it from our business center

Re-order often? Ask about agOnline our Web-to-Print services!

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  • 8.5 x 11
  • 8.5 x 14
  • 11 x 17
  • 12 x 18
  • Up to 60 inches by 30 feet


  • Folding
  • Saddle stitching
  • Three-hole drilling
  • Coil comb or wire-o binding
  • Perfect Binding


  • Custom covers
  • Laminating
  • Packaging or shrink wrap
  • Collating
  • UV and aqueous coating

No matter the scope or scale of your project, our marketing professionals will create outstanding color images using the latest printing technology. We’ll even work with you to deliver color printing services that align perfectly with all of your current and future marketing efforts.


The team at AlphaGraphics is made up of experienced marketing professionals, which means you’ll get custom solutions backed by a high level of expertise.


Do you need quality color printing services in a pinch? Contact us today for a comprehensive marketing solution with images that truly sell.



HP Indigo White Paper

“By investing in the HP Indigo press technology I have given my business a firm foundation for growth over the next five to six years, and we are able to deliver a personal level of interaction with every customer, while offering a truly comprehensive and compelling suite of output services.”
– Barbara Harkins, Owner, AlphaGraphics Portland


HP Indigo press forms a robust foundation to increase customer base and range of services

Since opening in 1990 at 200 SW Market Street in downtown Portland, Oregon, the franchise print services provider, AlphaGraphics, has been very successfully serving the needs of local businesses. With a relatively small facility – 2,000 square feet – it has focused on keeping its printing operation efficient while delivering a personal touch to its customers.

Barbara Harkins, Owner of AlphaGraphics Portland, describes, “Our business center offers complete visual communications solutions, including design, copying, printing, digital archiving, finishing, mailing services, oversized printing and promotional items. We help our clients to plan, produce and manage their visual communications, enabling them to achieve their goals more effectively and confidently.”

Seeking a new technology foundation

In recent years, the increased deployment of high quality office printers within local companies has eliminated many of the short-run jobs that AlphaGraphics used to handle. For many businesses the need to ‘run by the printer’ no longer exists. Consequently, Harkins investigated a variety of new services and solutions that would keep companies coming back. “We started offering bulk- and standard-mail services, where we handle every step of the printing and mailing of individually addressed pieces, which takes the burden off our clients,” states Harkins.

Critical to AlphaGraphics’ success has been its investment in technology and equipment that will give its customers the benefits of the latest innovations and ensure that projects are always of the highest available quality. “While we were doing a good job of producing top quality pieces, our customers kept asking us to match their brand PMS colors. We struggled to do this without losing a great deal of time calibrating colors using our existing equipment,” recounts Harkins. She continues, “We needed a more efficient and profitable way to match PMS colors. I wanted to upgrade our equipment and put in place a solution with enough capabilities to ensure that we could build up new services and measurably increase our customer base over the next five years.”

However, as Harkins investigated printing solutions she soon realized that her 2,000 square foot location – even after she moved her own office out of it – was very small for many of the pieces of equipment she evaluated. The HP Indigo press proves compact enough and highly capable.Harkins’ Production Manager, who had worked with an HP Indigo press previously in his career, recommended she consider the range for her operation. “When we looked at the color quality, it was clearly top-of-the-line,” recalls Harkins. “In particular, its ability to print big, crisp, solid blocks of color set it apart from competing presses. The 60 pages per minute speed on any stock – thin through thick – was also a big plus.”

Key to meeting AlphaGraphics’ customers’ needs, the HP Indigo press liquid toner technology provides for exact matching of Pantone® colors, as well as offset quality solids, high resolution halftones, and the ability to press-match with pieces run on offset presses. Harkins observes, “I’m delighted to have the power of the AlphaGraphics franchise network behind me. Corporate management supported me in my quest to try out the HP Indigo press and I was introduced to the owner of the 16,000 square foot AlphaGraphics business center in Seattle who also had purchased an HP Indigo press. While that location didn’t have to worry about space, it was an excellent opportunity to learn about the success that they were enjoying with the new equipment.”

In April 2006, Harkins purchased the HP Indigo press 3050 with six color capability. She notes, “HP did a great job on the install. The HP engineers started at 5am and had to remove the glass from one of our big front windows to allow the HP Indigo press to be lifted into the center! It was very carefully positioned exactly where I wanted it, and was up and running in no time at all.”

Leveraging applications approved by AlphaGraphics’ corporate offices, Harkins configured the press to receive input from PrintSmith front-end job submission software. In addition, customers using AlphaGraphics’ web-to-print solution – where items such as business cards, letterheads and brochure templates are made available for customers to select, enter data, check an online proof, and then send to print – also can route jobs to the HP Indigo press 3050. The Adobe® InDesign application is being used to handle the merging of variable data.

Perfect PMS colors and quality

“Everything about the HP Indigo press is exactly as it was described to me – it ‘works as advertised’,” extols Harkins. “It has an excellent range of substrates – and a continual stream of new materials is being made available all the time – and I haven’t yet been presented with a job that we couldn’t handle with it.”

Bulk mail services have proven to be a good area for customer retention and growth, and the variable data printing capabilities of the HP Indigo press have streamlined Harkin’s production processes for these jobs, making them more profitable. Alphagraphics Portland is planning to partner with some local marketing communications firms to extend services beyond variable data pieces into the provision of personalized URLs so that respondents’ purchases can be tracked, and the return on investment measured for each project. Harkins plans to offer web-to-print options to these marketing partners, too.

With the addition of the HP Indigo press 3050, Alphagraphics Portland doubled its color printing capacity. Harkins notes, “I have no doubt that it’ll meet, or do better than, my projected payback period.” She concludes, “Today, I see my services as being much closer to that of a full-service commercial printer, but with the backing of my franchise brand. By investing in the HP Indigo press technology I have given my business a firm foundation for growth over the next five to six years, and we are able to deliver a personal level of interaction with every customer, while offering a truly comprehensive and compelling suite of output services. Not to mention that I sleep well at night knowing that none of my competitors can beat my HP quality.”

Additional Equipment and Services

· Offset Printing with digital platemaking
· High Speed Digital black and white 600 dpi originals from disk
· Small Format Digital Color Up to 1’ x 1.5’
· Large Format Digital Color Up to 4’ x 100’
· Design and Pre-press Services
· Complete Bindery Services
· Comprehensive Mailing Services
· Online Catalog
· Digital Media Services including PURL campaigns


We are your locally owned and operated printing company offering a large variety printing products and processes. Our professional team has the experience you look for to help you with good solutions.

At AlphaGraphics we know what quality is and that is what we deliver every day. Whether it be our business cards, sales sheets, postcards or flyers we have everything you need in print at great prices and great quality. You will find what you need at AlphaGraphics.



Too often our customers have found themselves in a pinch looking for fast quality service for print products. Gladly, we have been able to help them out, time and time again. By employing experienced print experts we always have great team members ready to help you when you need it.

Our superb team coupled with our HP Indigo press make a speedy combination when it comes to fast turnaround times and quality finished products. Come to us whenever you want the job done right and on time.


The HP Indigo press we use for our digital prints is the latest and greatest in high quality fast printing. Eco-friendly, the HP Indigo press can print nearly 4600 per hour or 2 million full color pages in a month. Meaning no job is too big or too small for us when it comes to high quality, fast turnaround projects.

Call us today to find out how we can help you with every print job you have or will ever have in the future.

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