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Welcome to AlphaGraphics Irvine
. We are a local marketing and printing company located at 16 Technology Drive Irvine, California 92618.

We are your premier marketing and printing solution - serving Irvine and the surrounding Orange County areas. The success of your business is your biggest priority, and ours as well. At AlphaGraphics Irvine we focus on results and the return-on-investment of your marketing dollars. We are your local visual marketing and communication experts, who truly care about product quality, customer satisfaction and establishing long-term partnerships with our clients.

Our Full Service Offering


We're not printers who do marketing and design. We're marketers and designers who happen to be expert printers.


We’ve perfected your print and marketing management with one tool that can support your entire business.

Solutions for Businesses

Managing a business takes finesse, market savvy, flexibility, and a whole lot of time. Meeting last-minute deadlines, maintaining inventory, promoting sales and new services, and staying on budget are just a few of the tasks on a business owner’s “to-do” list. That’s why you need an experienced business solutions provider, like AlphaGraphics, in your corner.


More than just a box, agBox is a way for you to create unforgettable experiences for your audiences while connecting them with your brand. Create a custom-designed and branded package, fill it with your choice of swag, goodies, and printed materials, and have it delivered directly to your target audience—for less than the cost of lunch!


AlphaGraphics strives to be your full-service printing company. Whatever your needs are, we want to fill them. To do this, we employ a full staff of highly-trained professionals that are ready to serve you, and make the most of your printed media, no matter what you need it to do.

A lot of printers specialize; they find a niche and do it very, very well. That’s fine. But at AlphaGraphics, we don’t want to do just one thing well. We want to be the best out there. We aren’t just an offset printing, digital printing or sign shop. We specialize in all three.


We can print just about anything on just about anything. We use the very best techniques, and work with a wide variety of mediums.


  • Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Vinyl
  • Foamcore
  • Plastic

We can even print on these things so you can put them on glass or metal. It’s not just enough to be the best—we want to be able to give you anything you want.

Unfortunately, hard experience has taught many people that if they want high-quality printing, they have to wait forever to get it. That’s where we come in. You don’t just get great printing from AlphaGraphics; you get it quickly, from smart, friendly service people.

And we don’t just offer printing services, either. We can help you with standard home pages and customized online commercial and ordering sites. All at the same high quality and quick turnaround times that you can expect from us. Come in today and see what AlphaGraphics can make for you.

Why AlphaGraphics?

Exceptional Service

We provide easy, best-in-class service to support your business needs.

Creative Mindset

We bring creativity and innovation to turn your dreams into reality.

Proven Expertise

For over 50 years, we've helped brands get noticed and get business.

Engaged Partnership

We believe in building relationships with our customers, because we are most successful when we work together.

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