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Corporate, Employee, and Event Gift Box Ideas and Inspiration

In this increasingly virtual world, it’s more important than ever to stay connected to the people who are important to your success.   Maybe you’re looking for ways to keep employees engaged after a year of remote work. Maybe you’re on the hunt for new, creative ideas for fundraising when in-person events aren’t possible.  Or maybe, you just want to maintain traction with potential new customers to stay on their radar when you can’t travel to meet them. Enter agBox  

Think Outside the Box!

Brought to you by the team at AlphaGraphics Stamford, a leader in custom printing and marketing solutions, agBox is a way to bring your business to life by creating an immersive, memorable experience for your target audience.  It all starts with a custom-designed box filled with branded, swoon-worthy swag and company materials that leave a lasting impression on the lucky recipient. agBox is a game-changer when it comes to keeping your stakeholders engaged and connected with your brand.  

Get Inspired!

Not sure where to start? No problem! We have ideas to help you stand out from the competition for your next meeting, event, or customer touchpoint.  Here are just a few of our favorites!

Virtual Fundraiser

Looking for ideas to keep potential donors engaged for your upcoming virtual fundraiser?  When they couldn’t gather in-person for the big event, one of our clients recently took the celebration to their donors by creating a beer tasting fundraiser. We created a custom agBox filled with everything they needed for the beer tasting and hand-delivered them to clients. The event turned out to be a smashing success! AG Stamford- agBCorporate, Employee, and Event Gift Box Ideas and Inspiration - Fundraiser

New Employee Welcome Kit

Welcoming a new employee when you can’t meet them face-to-face can be a challenge, but agBox gives you the flexibility to bring your brand to life in a whole new way.  Create a box filled with locally roasted coffee, a favorite insulated mug, employee handbook, and office staples such as a branded notebook, pen, and business cards. Take it up a level and include other fun essentials to help your new employee “re-charge,” such as a branded yoga mat, candle, and extra device charger.AG Stamford- Corporate, Employee, and Event Gift Box Ideas and Inspiration - New Employee Welcome

Virtual Conference

Has your big customer meeting gone virtual this year? Put together a box that makes the participant feel at ease during the meeting. Popular ideas include a sustainable water bottle, earbuds, a bag of candy to feed their sweet tooth, comfy socks, a “meeting-in-progress” door hangar to prevent unexpected interruptions, and a branded back cushion for their at-home office chair.  Want to go all-out? Include a gift card to a meal delivery service so they can sit back, relax and enjoy the event knowing that dinner is on the way after a long day.

Customer Care Package

Want to remind that VIP customer that they’re your #1?   Send an agBox with a dozen of their favorite cookies with memorable, custom-designed branded labels, so they know precisely who’s thinking of them.  Self-care boxes are another popular option. We can create custom labels for bath salts, candles, soaps, tea, and even potted succulents – creating a spa-in-a-box to help your clients relax and unwind.  The customization of agBox makes the possibilities nearly endless. Is your client a wine connoisseur? Athlete? Sports fan? agBox can create the perfect box for them.  

Your LOCAL Source for Corporate, Employee, and Event Gift Boxes – AlphaGraphics in Stamford, CT

When you’re looking for a custom box for your next event, client, or fundraiser, look for an experienced marketing and printing partner like AlphaGraphics Stamford who can help make sure your box is about more than just the contents inside.  It’s all about the branding, presentation, and customization - and that’s where agBox can help you stand out from the crowd. Contact AlphaGraphics Stamford today to learn how to bring your brand to life through agBox. Our marketing experts offer free consultations and are ready with ideas to help you engage and connect with your target audiences!  

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