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Take Your Direct Mail Campaign to the Max With These 6 Tips

In this increasingly fast-paced, digital world, it can be challenging to get the visibility and attention that your brand needs to make an impact with your target audience. This is particularly true for businesses that have long relied on direct mail to reach their target audience. Having a trusted partner like AlphaGraphics Stamford can help ensure that you’re getting the maximum impact from your direct mail campaign and integrating it with the latest technology to create actionable results.  

Leave No Leads Behind

Direct mail remains an important tool for businesses to drive leads, but your direct mail strategy needs to align with today’s consumer behavior. If you’re still expecting people to get your direct mail piece and pick up the phone or walk into your store, be mindful that times have changed.  According to AlphaGraphics, approximately 90% of people will visit your website before calling and 96% will leave a website without taking action. This requires a shift in your direct mail strategy, but the good news is technology like agMaxMail from AlphaGraphics Stamford can integrate technology with direct mail to help leave no lead behind.  

Supercharge Your Direct Mail Via OmniChannel Marketing

Marrying digital with direct mail can significantly boost the impact of your marketing efforts. In the case of our agMaxMail program, your direct mail is combined with eight technologies to make sure your message reaches your target audience multiple times across multiple platforms. So what type of technology should you be looking for when developing a direct mail program? Here’s what you need to know.  

Six Tips for Taking Your Direct Mail Campaign To the Next Level

Look for a program that allows you to integrate direct mail with social media. With agMaxMail, programs like SocialMatch send your message via social media to your target audience to “prime” the lead before your direct mail piece ever hits their mailbox. The increased repetition of your marketing message can help lead to higher conversion rates. Timing is everything and you need to be able to track when your mailing gets delivered.   With an eye on delivery patterns, agMaxMail can adjust drop dates to make sure your direct mail arrives at the most optimal time and your customer care team can be better prepared to manage phone calls and website leads. You’ll also want to leverage existing programs like Informed Delivery® so when the recipient previews their upcoming USPS mail deliveries, they’ll also see a full-color, clickable ad with a direct link to your website.  It’s all about taking advantage of every opportunity for engagement. Don’t overlook the need to track incoming calls that are generated as a result of your campaign.  You’ll want to have a system in place like agMaxmail to measure the response – who called, when, why and what action was taken. Measurement is the key to making your direct mail program the best it can be. Maximize your exposure with targeted follow-up at every activation pointIf your campaign drives a prospect to your website but they don’t take action, this should mark the beginning – not the end – of the road!  agMaxMail can help you build an online ad campaign to meet your targets where they’re at online and keep your business top-of-mind with Google ads that drive them back to your site. The same strategy can be used on social media to put your message back in front of your target audience while they’re engaging with Facebook and Instagram to keep their interest and increase the likelihood they will re-visit your website. Empower yourself with information. Technology like agMaxMail enables you to identify visitors to your website and match them to mailing addresses so you can track which targets took action from your mailing AND identify new prospects who came to your website but weren’t on your original mailing list. Take the guesswork out of analyzing your website traffic. Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Statistics Stamford CT  

Ready to Take Your Next Direct Mail Campaign to the Max? AlphaGraphics Stamford is your OmniChannel and Integrated Direct Mail Resource in Stamford CT, Fairfield County and Beyond

Direct mail is, and will always be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but technology can take it to the next level, making it more impactful, more targeted and more measurable. AlphaGraphics’ clients who have used the agMaxMail program have boosted response rates 23-46% beyond standard direct mail, demonstrating the value of using an omnichannel approach. For example, a Multi-location east coast-based art gallery recently engaged agMaxMail to supplement their mailing of 6,214 catalogs. The catalog was followed up by 214,764 online ads, resulting in 941 engagements, 3,400 website visits and 1,840 leads! Direct mail and Omnichannel marketing Stamford And the best part? This cost for the integrated components outside of the direct mail piece was a fraction of the cost of postage. Contact AlphaGraphics Stamford today for a free demo of the agMaxMail program. Learn how we can maximize your impact and keep your business in front of prospects with an integrated direct mail marketing solution! Direct Mail OmniChannel Marketing Stamford CT

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