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Maximizing the Visibility of Building Signage

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Building signage plays a crucial role in attracting new customers and promoting your brand identity. An unnoticed sign defeats the purpose of having a sign in the first place. To ensure that your building signage maximizes visibility, there are several factors you should consider. AlphaGraphics Fort Lauderdale offers the best business signage for your needs, including posters, banners, and exterior signage. In this blog, we’ll explore some tips to help you create effective building signage that generates significant visibility. Contact us today!

Size and Placement Matter

One of the primary considerations for creating visible building signage is to determine the sign's ideal size and placement. Human eyes are naturally attracted to the most prominent or expansive objects in a space, and that is why it is essential to make your exterior sign large enough so that it can stand out. A billboard-sized sign may not be necessary, but you must use the appropriate size to ensure visibility. In addition, the placement of the sign should be at a height proportional to the building and the level of visibility. The placement should also be easily noticeable and should consider the direction of traffic flow. Let the team at AlphaGraphics Fort Lauderdale offer helpful advice today.
large lettering on a building at night


Lighting is an essential aspect of maximizing the visibility of your building signage. Use illuminated signage lights to make your sign visible and readable during the day and at night. Make use of vibrant colors and lighting features that will also attract attention. You should also set up some lighting fixtures around the sign, particularly for building signs installed in shadowy areas, to draw people's attention to your sign. This also helps those looking for your business at night. Learn about our business signage options today.
COFFEE lettering on the exterior of a building

Clear Lettering

Another vital consideration for creating visible building signage is to choose a clear and legible typeface. Fancy fonts or elaborate designs may be eye-catching, but otherwise, they negatively impact visibility when they reduce legibility. The lettering should be concise, large, and easy to read from a distance. Be sure to use appropriate color contrasts to create readable text where the characters contrast from the background color for maximum visibility. Contact our sign shop in Fort Lauderdale to get started today.
Vertical lettering in a stylistic typography

Consistency with Branding

Your building signage should reflect your company's visual identity, so it’s essential to ensure consistency in business branding. Incorporate your brand's distinctive design elements, colors, and logo in your interior and exterior signage. This method helps increase the level of brand recall and build up brand recognition. It aligns the signage with your brand’s strategy, increasing reliability on the customers, while also contributing to your brand’s visibility in the public domain. Let our graphic designers help you with business branding today.

Regular Maintenance and Upkeep

The importance of maintaining your building signage can’t be understated, as even the most vibrant sign can fade away over time. Signs can deteriorate due to general wear and tear or adverse weather conditions, leading to damage and a negative customer experience. As such, regular maintenance should be essential to keep your building sign visible and in excellent shape. Regular cleaning, repainting, bulb replacements, or routine maintenance can help prolong your business sign’s life and maintain its visibility. Let AlphaGraphics Fort Lauderdale know how we can help today!


A visible, legible, and compelling sign for your Fort Lauderdale business is essential to drive more traffic to your door, attract and retain customers, and build brand recognition. Let the team at AlphaGraphics Fort Lauderdale help with high-quality sign creation to help with your business’s visibility, growth, and success. Call about our large format signs, banners, posters, and more today!

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