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Instagram Marketing: Get Noticed

Instagram Marketing can help you Get Noticed.
It is important to note that with the success of Instagram Stories, the traditional post feed has seen a lower engagement rate.  This is the perfect example of how important it is to stay on top of marketing trends and keep your eye on the ball. Marketing is not a spectator sport. If you are sitting on the bench or watching from the sidelines, you will quickly get left in the dust of your competitors. You need to research trends and make sure you are providing good content. Your post should be relevant, thoughtful and positive. Build an Instagram Marketing community, engage daily and they will engage with you. Whether you are a restaurant owner, retail shop, professional service provider or launching a startup, using Instagram Marketing to tell your story and attract followers can be highly impactful if you just do these 4 things. Remember: what worked 6 months ago is completely different than what works today.  

1.  Take Note of How Many People You Follow

Instagram is your digital “Networking” community.  If you go to a happy hour or networking breakfast you will meet new people, shake hands, tell your story and listen to their story.  The Instagram platform is really no different.  It is a digital world where you will be a part of a community and build sustainable relationships along the way. But, don’t just “follow” everyone. Choose businesses and people who share your interests and will fit well into your community, then tell them your story. Use images, videos, and good content. Put your best foot forward. Next, listen to their story and support their business. Share other people’s posts and tag them. This drives people to the Instagram platform and helps build YOUR community.  Instagram likes to see its users' building relationships. This is key to being a good neighbor in the Instagram Community and you will be rewarded. But, don’t be a pusher – be an engaged member of the community.  

2. Know When to Post

As the business community of Instagram has grown – so has the type of media that is shared.  We have gotten away from the “Insta” on Instagram. Now – images are professional photography and graphic design projects.  This is not what the platform was intended for and the company would like to get back to its origins. With that said – I still use stock photos and professional services for some of my posts. But when using raw, in-the-moment, photos and well-crafted live feed – my response rate skyrockets compared to the stock images.  Using inspiring real-life, authentic photos has made a huge difference in growing my audience. Using video will help you stay connected, authentic and original.  Use live feed clips or prepare a well-crafted message that is interesting to your audience and keeps them on the platform and active.  

3.  Too Much or Too Little?

Admittedly – I do not post every day.  But I do engage every day.  With the success of Instagram Stories, it is easy to engage with your community daily. Remember the more you can keep people looking at your feed, listening to your story, and sharing their stories, the more Instagram will reward you. The longer you stay at a Networking event the more business cards you will collect. Be spontaneous and creative. Share your value with your community.  Use #hashtags and @mentions and include relevant comments in your post.  

4. Update Your Profile:

Finally, Update your Profile. Your profile is very valuable real-estate on your Instagram Feed. Quickly and succinctly tell your audience what you do and who you are?
  • Choose a profile name that is relevant
  • Use Emojis
  • Be Specific
  • Include links, promotions, and campaigns
Paying attention to these key elements of your Instagram Marketing will grow your community, build relationships and help you get noticed.  Now, GET GOING! Check back for more marketing nuggets from AlphaGraphicsGA.   Find out how we can help build your brand @678-405-4444

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