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Traditional Advertising Methods Can Be More Cost Effective

Traditional Advertising Methods Can Be More Cost Effective Marketing your business is essential for gaining new customers as well as keeping your current customers. However, advertising can sometimes be expensive, especially if you are unfamiliar with the most effective types of advertising for your business. The good news is that traditional advertising is not only cost effective, but it enables prospective customers to see your company’s name outside of a computer screen, which means your business suddenly becomes valid and reputable. Online, your company is simply a virtual presence that can be deleted with a click of the mouse. But in print, you’re committed to growing your business, which translates into more sales, including from sources that may not be online often. Here are a few traditional cost effective methods of advertising that can be made your local commercial printer.

Direct Mail

Behind television and radio, direct mail is the third largest form of advertising. One of the best things about direct mail is that you have a wide variety of options to choose from, including the type of graphics and how the direct mail is delivered. For example, direct mail options include flyers, postcards, self-addressed response cards and three-dimensional mailings, which increase the odds of your mailings being read. More and more marketers are turning to direct mailings as a form of cost-effective advertising because it is one of the easiest ways to target your audience. Every door direct mail is a cost effective form of targeted, traditional advertising that lets you target your mail audience by household size, age and/or income. To take advantage of every door direct mail, you simply choose the best type of mail piece for your mailings. It is best to use a clean graphics design with a clear message about the benefits and features of your offers. When selecting a commercial printer for the mailings, choose a printing company that will assist you with the format, print, design and preparing your mailings. Once finished, you can simply drop your mailings off for delivery at the post office or a delivery service, such as UPS. Another excellent form of traditional advertising is outdoor advertising, and we're not just talking about billboards. you can get creative with signs on the sides of city buses, benches and even on your vehicle.

Outdoor Advertising

Another excellent form of traditional advertising is outdoor advertising, and we're not just talking about billboards. Outdoor advertising allows you to be creative and present a unique form of advertising for your business via the use of signage on a brick and mortar storefront, around the city on buses, benches and even on your vehicle. These ads can be an excellent source of referral marketing, or word or mouth, which means when a customer or passerby sees your advertisement, they pass the information on to another potential client. Identifying and understanding your target audience is key to successful marketing and traditional advertising is an easy way to accomplish targeted marketing. Traditional media is still relevant, so don't count it out when coming up with a marketing strategy for your business. When you're ready to start pumping out promotional materials, AlphaGraphics has you covered with direct mailers and every door direct mail. Contact us to get a quote! Stay on top of the latest blog posts. Follow us!  

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