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Creating an Effective Online Marketing Strategy

Increase Your Reach with Online Marketing   

Now more than ever, customers use the web as their primary source for finding the products or services they need. This means that you need an effective online marketing strategy that incorporates a wide range of techniques to drive traffic to your website, improve your search engine rankings and build relationships with your customers through social media. Your online marketing efforts should include services like: • Search Engine Optimization • Web Design • Pay-Per-Click • Reporting and Tracking • Social Media Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Through effective SEO, you’ll reach more customers by improving your rankings on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Both an art and a science, SEO requires careful research, planning and implementation, but is a worthwhile investment, particularly if you depend on your website to drive a significant portion of your sales. Increase your reach by: • Being found – Appearing on the first page of search engines puts you leagues ahead of the competition. Balanced SEO strategy can help your business stay at the top--and get clicked. • Expanding your audience – High organic search rankings can boost more than just your clicks—they can help you grow your business as you build credibility with new targets. Web Design The Internet is the world’s leading source for information. Whether your focus is local, national or world-wide, your web presence will often shape your customers’ first impressions of your business, and your brand. A professionally designed and organized website will enhance your credibility and incite customers to engage with your company, and with Increase your reach by: • Getting your brand online –Your website serves as a virtual first impression for your business, and since you only get one shot, you should dress to impress. • Being accessible – Customers are more accustomed than ever to finding what they need the moment they need it, making a well-designed web platform that provides 24-hour access a must. • Going global – Your website allows you to reach customers across the world in a moment—so you can spread your message and grow your business from the comfort of your office. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) In addition to a sound SEO strategy, consider the use of paid search, or pay-per-click ads, to drive targeted and relevant traffic to your web pages. One of the most effective methods of online marketing available, developing PPC ads is a great way to improve your online conversions and increase brand awareness in today’s highly competitive search market. Increase your reach by: • Focusing on conversion – PPC yields higher returns and more qualified leads, making your marketing dollars stretch farther and convert more. • Targeting your audience – Achieving high ROI in PPC is simple: target the people who need what you’re selling, and watch your results soar. Reporting and Tracking Once your website is live, it’s time to analyze its effectiveness in improving your brand awareness and converting sales. Increase your reach by: • Gaining competitive advantage – Building a user-friendly, professional web presence using online analytics can give your business the edge it needs to thrive. • Creating more impact – Successful marketing is more than just throwing mud at the wall and hoping something sticks. Tracking allows you to identify what works, fine tune, and boost future results. Social Media Social media has completely transformed the way people interact with each other on a daily basis. However, did you know that social networks like Facebook and Twitter can help you not only promote your business, but also interact with and receive feedback from your target audience? Increase your reach by: • Covering your bases – You want your business to be where the customers are, so a presence in the ever-growing sphere of social media is no longer an option, it’s necessary! • Being engaging - Relating to your target audience doesn’t just win short-term gains—engaging with customers on their turf helps to build brand awareness, credibility, and loyalty. AlphaGraphics’ multi-channel and cross-media marketing services enable you to interact with potential clients in ways never before possible. Whether you need to improve brand awareness, boost marketing efforts or explore the world of ePublishing, you’ll get expert assistance backed by over four decades in the communications industry. Increase your reach today by working with the marketing communications team at AlphaGraphics Lisle.

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