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What is ‘Experiential Marketing’ and How Can Print Promo Products Help?

The simplest concept in the world of marketing is getting your product directly into the hands of someone who might be a potential customer. Think about free samples at the grocery store, for example. It’s a form of advertising that’s been around since the concept itself! Today, this practice is called ‘experiential marketing’ and it goes far beyond just giving away a product. Often called ‘live marketing’ or ‘on-the-ground marketing,’ this approach to advertising is all about giving someone an experience that’s appealing and alluring, so they walk away with a favorable impression of your brand. It combines elements of traditional marketing, guerilla marketing and hands-on advertising, to sell products in new and creative ways. In order to host a successful experiential marketing campaign, you need three chief components: a product, an experience and a takeaway. It’s up to brands to provide the product and the experience. Companies like AlphaGraphics provide the final key to success in the form of a takeaway—something tangible customers can tie their experience to.

Tie the experience together

Promo products are the perfect takeaway from an experiential marketing situation. Familiarizing people with the brand and giving them an exciting experience are first steps. Just like the time-tested grocery store free sample, you need something tangible to put into the hands of customers to bring the experience full circle. Let’s say your apparel brand is doing an experiential marketing campaign to launch a new line of active wear. You might set up a half-court basketball free throw challenge and invite a hometown star player to compete against the public. It’s an awesome experience that’s sure to get people talking about your brand! But how do you make that experience sink in? Through promo products, of course! Send people home with a branded shirt, a bumper sticker, a stress ball that looks like a basketball—anything to help people crystalize their experience.

Double down on promo items

Everyone loves something for free. It’s just a simple fact of life! It’s why promo products are always a popular option for brands. And, the more creative you are with your branded promo items, the happier people will be to receive them. If you’re going through the trouble of creating an experiential marketing campaign, make sure you’re also putting in the creativity and budget to get promo items that count. Go beyond free pens and a refrigerator magnet! Instead, consider what might enhance your event. Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking promo items:
  • How does your promo takeaway relate to your event? If there’s no discernable relation to the experience, the promo item might lose its appeal.
  • What’s the longevity of the promo item? Pick something that’s going to last as long as the memory of your campaign—or longer!
  • How are you branding the promo item? Consider ‘limited edition’ or ‘event-only’ promo items, to further enhance appeal.
  • Are you relating your promo item to your brand? Keep things like brand logo, coloring and other specifics in mind, to tie your brand into the equation.

Give people the full experience

The purpose of experiential marketing is to give people a meaningful experience they can forever tie to your brand. Make sure you’re also giving them something tangible they can take away from the moment, too. For all of your branded promotional item needs or for ideas on how to send your experiential marketing campaign over the top, consult with AlphaGraphics Lisle today. We’ll help you cap off an experience with the perfect promo item.

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