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How Important is Branded Letterhead and Other Stock Print Collateral?

There are many small things that can legitimize a business, including the likes of printed letterhead or professionally-designed business cards. Even though they’re simple and seem trivial, these core pieces of print collateral are the qualifiers of your brand. They set you apart from other competitors and establish you as professional.

Why Brand Print Collateral?

Few businesses actually realize the power of branded letterhead and other stock print collateral. They know they should have it, but aren’t always sure why. Sure, branded print materials look great, but what do they actually do for your business in the grand scheme of things? Let’s take a close look at exactly how branded print documents legitimize your company and why it’s crucial to establish these items at the core of your business’ operations:
  • Recognition: Brand is everything when it comes to creating recognizable print products. Who remembers a plain white business card or a memo on a regular sheet of white paper? Adding your branding to these documents create immediate recognition, making that piece of collateral an official part of your campaign.
  • Promotion: Consider something like a press release or annual report that gets released to the public. Putting your branding on these documents ties their promotional nature to your company, associating your business with the news and information contained within them. Branding and promotion go hand in hand.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty is an important concept and one that can make or break a business. Legitimizing your company’s stock collateral can breed loyalty and affinity for your brand within the ranks of your own employees, just like branding business materials can create loyalty among partners, customers and clients.
  • Authenticity: Adding branding makes print collateral “official.” From logoed pads of paper and company pens, to branded presentation folders and envelopes, putting your literal stamp of approval on print collateral makes it cannon with your brand. From that point on, the collateral is authentic and approved.
  • Cohesion: One of the immutable laws of branding is cohesion. Being able to present a solidified front is what makes every great brand strong. With your logo and colors on any and all print materials your business uses, your messaging and symbolism are always on display. Over time, this will strengthen your perception immeasurably.
  • Persuasion: There’s something intoxicating about the uniformity of branded print products—including those used as part of everyday operations. The official nature of these documents makes them great tools for persuasion. Try handing a branded folder out at a trade show or delivering a written proposal on branded letterhead—the results are sure to be better than they would be on blank stock.
All of these different appeals are the product of simply customizing your documents. Leveraging your brand into any and all print collateral—internal or client-facing—is a great way to reap the many advantages associated with them.

Your Seal of Approval

What kinds of stock print collateral can benefit from branding? Think about products you use in everyday business: Whether these products are interacted by members of your staff, shared with clients and partners, or open and available for all to see, they’re sure to benefit from branding. It’s time to put your seal of approval on everything your company uses to do business. AlphaGraphics Lisle can help. Contact a branding specialist today and let us take your print collateral to the next level.

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