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Branded Business Materials: Where to Start

One of the core staples of a company’s success comes down to branded business materials. Not only do these products serve to legitimize the business, they also act to boost its reputation and awareness. Branded materials provide a foothold for any next steps a business decides to take. The beauty of branded collateral is that it applies to both internal and external operations. Internally, it fosters a sense of self-awareness for employees and encourages pride in the job they’re doing. Externally, these materials are a beacon to the world, letting anyone who sees them know exactly what your business represents. Having a core group of branded business materials is the easiest way to foster a strong brand identity, whether you’re a small, niche business or a growing player in a booming industry.

Developing a Core Brand

Your brand is your business’ identity. Just like how you speak or dress can define your personal identity, your business’ branded collateral allows it to develop its own traits. Over time, these traits add up to define your business and legitimize it. For example, if you send official letters on company letterhead, in a marked envelope with enclosed branded business cards, it looks a lot more official than the alternative: generic white paper in a nondescript envelope. Because branded materials are cornerstones of your business’ everyday operations, they’ll become the foundation for your brand. They’ll instantly make your name synonymous with images and colors, and over time they’ll become the standard for quality your company has set for itself.

Essential Materials

Developing a positive brand image means choosing the right branded materials. Collateral like stickers and magnets might be nice, but they’re not always immediately practical or useful. For maximum effectiveness, it’s a smart idea to invest in branded materials that have a true everyday place in your operations:
  • Letterhead: With your name, logo, colors and contact information on every official communication coming from your business, it won’t take long for clients, partners and other companies to see your business and brand in good light.
  • Envelopes: From paying bills to sending thank-you letters, branded envelopes legitimize your direct mail and any messages contained within. They’re a smart way to create instantaneous recognition of your brand by recipients.
  • Business cards: The top currency of the business world, business cards need to be properly branded for authenticity and prestige. They should identify more than just a person, but also the entity they represent.
  • Promotional Products: Pens, coffee cups, flash drives, lanyards, apparel and more give your business a way to present its branding in a more informal, yet just as effective way in the business world. Plus, these items all offer utility, making them valuable tools.
These core essentials are just a start! In reality, your branded business materials should grow as your company does. Over time they might include things like vinyl banners, service brochures, sales sheets and more—anything that communicates your branding in a capacity you can use positively every day.

Building Notoriety

The goal of all branded material is to build your brand’s notoriety. The more people see it, the more they’ll think about it, recognize it, believe in it and trust it. This is the first step towards building brand equity and loyalty, which can position your business as a leader in its industry. It all starts with something as simple as branded business materials!

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