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Top Marketing Techniques for Fall 2018

Are you looking for ways to get your business noticed this autumn? As the temperatures drop and people return from all of their summer fun, it may be time to revisit your current marketing strategy and develop an advertising plan designed for the fall. Autumn represents the perfect time of the year to implement seasonally specific branding and marketing initiatives for small and mid-size businesses. Most people establish their routines for the fall, winter and spring in the early autumn; encouraging them to interact with your company early and often can help you boost your overall sales.

Get Noticed and Get Business this Fall

Many companies know that it’s desirable to attract attention during the fall; this means that any marketing campaigns that your company pursues should be especially creative and inventive. Here are just some of the best ways to draw attention to your business this autumn:
  • Launch a photo contest: The autumnal season is redolent in vibrant oranges, reds and yellows; shutterbugs of all skill levels are especially active in the fall. Host a social media photo conference, offering a gift card to your business or a free item as a first prize, to encourage interaction with your brand.
  • Sponsor a local team: Local high school, middle school and elementary sports leagues often rely on businesses to support them by purchasing uniforms and other pieces of equipment. Contributing to a local team is a great way to both give back to your community and get your company’s name in a highly visible space.
  • Decorate away: It may be a surprise, but decorating your retail or office space for the season can go a long way toward making your company’s brand more relatable. As long as you decorate in a way that’s consistent with your brand’s existing aesthetic, your guests and customers are sure to love a few fall touches.
  • Develop “spend now, save later” plans: Offering coupons or vouchers that encourage customers to spend money at your storefront now in exchange for savings at a later date can boost your revenue in the fall as well as during the busier holiday shopping season. These coupons can be attached to the back of a receipt for optimal convenience.
  • Visit a festival: There are a number of festivals that run through the fall season, from events centered around apple cider to harvest festivals and Oktoberfest. Setting up a booth at a local fall festival in your community is an excellent way to make the most of the marketing opportunities presented by the season.
  • Celebrate the season: Autumn hosts a veritable pantheon of holidays that you can use to your marketing advantage. While Halloween, Dia de Muertos and Thanksgiving are obvious targets, you could also invite guests to come to your store for Pumpkin Spice Appreciation Day or Small Business Saturday.
Working with a local company that specializes in marketing and printing collateral can help you determine the best type of fall marketing campaign for your business. The marketing and printing professionals at AlphaGraphics in Lisle can assist you in identifying the best type of campaign for your company to pursue.

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