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Canvassing Materials: How to Succeed with Good Sales Collateral

Local canvassing is an excellent way for businesses of all sizes to reach a targeted local audience with branded messaging and materials. Investing in canvassing collateral allows businesses to reach their local communities in deeper and more meaningful ways. Most companies execute canvassing campaigns during the summer season. Canvassing often involves the placement of flyers or asking representatives of your company to engage in face-to-face interactions, which means it’s advisable to invest in canvassing whenever your community is most likely to be out and about. There are a number of pieces of collateral you should invest in if you’re thinking about starting up a new canvassing campaign. Here are just a few canvassing essentials you shouldn’t go without:
  • Door hangers: These are one of the simplest and most effective pieces of canvassing materials available. Door hangers allow you to bring your branded messaging and imagery right to your audience’s front door – literally! Door hangers are unobtrusive yet also impossible to miss.
  • Newsletters: People love to support their neighborhood businesses. You can welcome customers into your extended business ‘family’ by keeping them in the loop with tools like newsletters. Updates about your business, new product or service offerings and employee profiles are surprisingly powerful marketing tools.
  • Shirts: Encouraging your employees and representatives to wear shirts with branded imagery and messaging is a great way for audience members to distinguish them from the crowd. While staying consistent with your brand’s existing color scheme, you should design shirts that draw attention and encourage audience members to talk to employees.
  • Tote bags: Tote bags are universally beloved, and for good reason: they’re effortlessly simple and endlessly useful. Giving out branded tote bags is an excellent way to gin up goodwill for your company and brand. Tote bags are exceedingly useful marketing tools, particularly for canvassing events held in popular pedestrian areas.
  • Water bottles: Perfect for use during the sunny summer season, giving away water bottles with branded messaging and imagery is a great way to generate positive feelings about your company and your brand among your local community members. Consider asking an employee to pass out water bottles just outside your retail location.
  • Brochures: Brochures clearly lay out your product offerings, the services you provide and any ongoing specials you may be running. While some brochures run too long, and are expensive to print, it’s advisable to make brochures as brief and easy-to-read as possible. This will keep your collateral costs down and help retain audience attention.
  • Rack cards: Rack cards are essentially business cards for your brand. They concisely display your company’s name, your contact information and a simple rundown of the services and products you provide. You can often leave rack cards on display with partnering local businesses, like coffee shops and restaurants.
When considering the types of canvassing materials right for you and your business, it’s advisable to coordinate and collaborate with your local print shop. Print shop professionals can help you identify and pursue a canvassing campaign strategy that meets your goals. Contact AlphaGraphics of Lisle today for all your canvassing materials!

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