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Education: How Promotional Products Can Increase Your ROI


Giving away promotional products is a vital step in successfully marketing your business or industry. These products share your business’s message in a quick, efficient and long-term manner. According to, 82% of people own promotional products, while 47% of people have kept promotional products for over a year. Offering promotional products is a great way to tap into this market and ensure your business will receive constant exposure. Here’s the genius behind promotional products: The more useful the product, the more customers use them and the longer they will keep them around. Unlike commercials, billboards or online advertisements, promotional products can give customers daily exposure to your organization because they will find the products useful. Promotional products aren’t simply pens and pencils. Instead, these items are anything that can have your business logo printed on. For those of you involved in education, here are some ideas on how promotional products could work for you.


Get your students excited about learning with products featuring your school’s logo! These items can help build school pride and spirit while preparing students for success in the classroom. Promotional Product School SuppliesPens, pencils, notebooks and backpacks are simple school items. They are also the most important, as they are seen and used on a daily basis. Bigger items, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and tumblers, are always sought after products. These products last longer and help encourage school pride and unity off-campus and after the graduation. Binders and flash drives are always important for keeping information organized and stored for classes and are seen constantly. Each of these products are beneficial to a student’s education, while the school’s logo and motto helps to build unity within the school and students. These products could also be used during school activities. Whether these items are intended for Back-to-School events, athletic tournaments or as a welcome gift for incoming students, these products can help students feel comfortable and build pride within the school, all while preparing students for a great school year of learning!


Promotional Product Sweat ShirtTeachers need school spirit, too! Get teachers excited for another great school year by giving them some school swag, each bearing the school’s logo. Pens and pencils are a must, as teachers always need something to write with. Calendars, mouse pads and flash drives are all gifts that will be used frequently in and around the classroom and for the entire school year. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and tumblers not only advertise the school, but spreads the school spirit around and off campus. Teachers do so much for their students; thank them with a bit of school spirit! With more than 700,000 items from 3,500 suppliers, AlphaGraphics can help you build a promotional campaign your customers won’t soon forget. Whatever your idea, industry or business, come to AlphaGraphics, and we’ll create a presentation filled with different promotional items that would be most effective for your industry. We make sure everything is personalized to fit you and your needs. Give us a call at 435-753-9598 and we will help you find the right product that will have the most impact.

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