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Give Your Prints Some Class With Specialty Finishes And Papers

Create Unique Prints With Enhancements

Go from good to great with the use of printing enhancements. There are many types of enhancements that allow your print work to shine even more. A few of these include, embossing, die-cutting and UV coating. Including these into your design will “wow” any customer, client or friend.

embossed print enhancementsEmbossing

What is embossing? Embossing is an impression of a design, decoration, lettering or pattern that has been pressed into a piece of paper, cloth or metal. The process involves high pressure to put the dye onto the paper. In any other form printing, the print goes directly on the surface. In embossing, the surface is raised, which gives your final product another dimension. Different kinds of paper show different kinds of embossing effects. If done poorly, embossing can lose it’s appeal. Make sure that you get a high quality machine with good quality paper. Embossing has many uses. They use dye that pushes the surface up so it becomes raised. Business cards, invitations, certificates, books and presentation folders are just a few of the many items that can be enhanced with embossing.

Die cutting print enhancementsDie-cutting

Die-cutting is a process of cutting paper, felt or other thin materials into any shape. With a die-cutter, you can add little designs to a bigger print. They can also be pasted to a bigger print or tucked into an envelope to fly free when opened. Die-cutting is great for mass producing cut-outs. It’s also great for adding design and interest into any printed piece. It can be used to create stickers, card markers, scrapbook inserts, envelopes, stand-up cards, brochures, packaging and so much more. Many scrapbookers, cardmakers and quilters love to use these creative options to add designs wherever you please. They are easy to use and great for adding little pieces of flair throughout your work.

Spot UV Coating print enhancementsUV Coating

UV coating is a compound that is applied to wet paper and then immediately dried by ultraviolet light. The coating comes in either high gloss or matte and can vary in reflectivity and thickness. UV coating gives printed materials extra elegance and enhances the colors used. Using UV coating will also increases customer confidence in your products because it has a higher-end feel. UV coating also prolongs the life of your printed materials. When things last longer, they serve you longer. It looks professional and elegant. There is also spot UV printing. This allows you to apply UV coating to only a certain spot. It is an enhancing technique that gives you the ability to apply a high-gloss coating on a matte finish paper or vice versa. On a single piece of paper, you can create many different looks just with a few coatings. UV printing is great for invitations, brochures and print presentations.

What AlphaGraphics Can Do For You

AlphaGraphics has all the tools to help you with your embossing, die-cutting and UV coating printing needs. They also help you design your perfect print for every project you have. With all these print enhancements available, it is easy to “wow” customers, potential customers, supervisors, bosses and everyone who sees your printed material. Don’t let your prints be bland. Make any great printed material amazing. Contact us to talk to one of our print specialists to see how we can enhance your prints.  

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