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Keeping up to Date: How Calendars Benefit Your Business

Facts About Business Calendar Marketing

Each Christmas and New Years, there are a plethora of new calendars lining the walkways of many stores. They have different images of beautiful beaches, fancy new cars or the top celebrity in music. Every day, people have the opportunity to become familiar with a company through calendars. business calendar next to computerWith the move from hard copies to digital documents, people might think paper calendars are out-of-date and obsolete. However, based on research conducted by Banker Advertising, 78% of people still use paper calendars. People hardly look at their computers for calendars. There is still a huge need for print calendars. Businesses who utilize this need will capitalize on powerful marketing.

What does that mean for your company?

Business Calendars are the ultimate tool to get a big return on your work without putting a lot of effort or resources into making a calendar. A business calendar means having advertising for 365 days while only paying for it one time. It sits on your customer’s desk or wall, so they see it many times a day, and anyone who visits with them will see it, too. If your logo and brand is on the calendar, it can be a great promotional piece.

How to create a Calendar

  • Business Calendars - Logo ExampleLogo Create a strong brand and logo design. If you have one already, no need to redesign. However if you don’t, talk to one of our designers at AlphaGraphics about getting a good solid design. Having a strong logo will interest people in your brand. You can put this logo on every page of your calendar to make sure people can see it on every page.
  • Color Scheme Business CalendarsTheme Create a theme you want to follow. If you have a car business, create a luxury car-themed calendar. If you have a food business, create a calendar of culinary images. Create a color scheme and matching pictures for each month. The pictures will captivate people and encourage them to keep your calendar on their wall or desk all year.
  • Design Designing a calendar can be hard work if your company is unfamiliar with it. At AlphaGraphics, we have expert designers who will work with you to create the perfect calendar for your business. They will help you with your theme, color scheme and image choice.
If you are doing it on your own, you can create or download a layout of a basic calendar. You can find one that already has a theme or color choices. However if you get a basic template, insert the dates and holidays that you choose. Plug in images that fit your theme and company. Business Calendars layoutAlong with designing the layout, you can add information about your company. including events or important promotions and dates specifically for your business. You can put promotional images or ads on your calendar to promote yourself as well. Having a printed calendar in any size or shape will greatly benefit your company. They advertise your company all day, every day, with one simple cost. They fulfill a customer's need to see their schedule. Your customers will love your paper calendar and incorporate it into their daily life, which means your organization will be a part of their daily life.

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