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Non-Profits: Capitalizing On Promotional Products

Promotional Products for Your Non-profit

Many newer non-profit organizations shy away from advertising. Some organizations may see the launch of an expensive advertising campaign or mobile marketing plan as unappealing, since non-profits don’t engage in advertising as frequently as other organizations. But what many non-profits tend to overlook is how advertising brings attention to their company and cause. Instead of turning to expensive media channels such as television, radio, and online advertisements, non-profits can turn to promo products. What every brand, business and non-profit needs is exposure. Exposure for a company leads to exposure for the cause, leading to more awareness and donations.

How to Market

Promo products are one of the best forms of advertising, as these products are kept and used often by consumers. As a non-profit company, take advantage of this by having promo products prominently feature your logo in order to promote yourself and build brand awareness. Custom LanyardsA good idea is to give away promotional products as a gift. Whether this is to reward or show appreciation, your employees and volunteers will be grateful. Thank volunteers with a lanyard or shirt for their service. While your volunteers feel appreciated, your gifts will also be appreciated and used often. This guarantees constant exposure of your brand. Chances are, those same volunteers will carry around those lanyards or wear those shirts often. This will give more exposure to your brand than if you launched an expensive television commercial. Companies can take this a step further by offering promotional products as prizes in a raffle. This raffle can be an incentive for people to volunteer, to donate or whatever other parameters you set in order for people to enter into the raffle. Having a more expensive and sought-after promotional product as the prize is great motivation for people to listen and help out. This can help entice more volunteers into action or for donating while helping to advertise your non-profit business in a simple, effective manner.

What to Market

Take a moment to look around you. No matter what setting you’re in, there is a common theme: everything is sending a specific message. This could be the pen in your hand, branded with your company’s logo, or a small poster on the wall proudly displaying a business slogan. In today’s world, in order to make yourself noticed, you need to find a product that effectively sends a message. ToteThe product you want to invest in depends on your budget, intended use and the message you want to send. Tumblers are a great way to generate knowledge for and about your cause because they are carried everywhere. Totes are always needed and rarely thrown or given away. They are great to give away at trade shows, fundraisers and other events, and consumers can easily incorporate them into their daily lives via grocery shopping, school, gym, etc. Shirts are always a sought-after item, and they get a lot of recognition. And lanyards are an especially cheap option to print your business logo on and give away. Because lanyards are attached to a person’s keys, the lanyard goes everywhere, getting frequent exposure. When deciding what promotional products work for you, keep in mind that the more a person deems the product useful or valuable, the more the product will be used. Promotional products don’t have to be expensive, just useful. Advertising your non-profit company doesn’t need to be complicated or filled with elaborate advertising plans. Instead, the simplicity of promo products can help increase your brand recognition.

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