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The Best Way To Achieve The Highest Quality Photo Prints

Why Photo Prints

If your co-worker confesses to you that he collects old newspapers and can’t seem to throw them out, you might wonder why he can’t let go. Although old newspapers may be seemingly peculiar things to hold on to, we do know of one thing people tend to collect without anyone questioning why— photo prints. Many people grew up being photographed as children and tend to look back at those pictures when they’re older. Printed photos are memories and, quite frankly, they are great tools to utilize for marketing purposes. At AlphaGraphics in Logan, we want to make sure when you come to us to print these priceless moments, you’ll be pleased with the result—that’s why it is so important to print photos of the highest quality. We offer various photo-printing solutions at AlphaGraphics, including:
  • File-selection guidance
  • Professional scanning and digital conversions
  • Advanced digital and large format printing
  • Myriad choices of materials and high-quality finish

How to get the best quality photo printsTips To Achieve High-Quality Photo Prints

Now, these services can be helpful to many people who come in desiring to enlarge their pictures, but if the photos printed are not high-quality, it can be disappointing. Consequently, we have two tips to ensure your photos print with the highest quality possible before printing them:  
  1. Set the Proper Resolution For large digital prints, the resolution needs to be set to 300 DPI or higher. This will ensure the best quality print possible for the photo. AlphaGraphics can work with smaller-sized photos as well.
  2. Check Your Image’s Color Quality If your image is in the incorrect color space, the color quality may turn out to be less than what you expect it to be. Ensuring your image is in the right color space for the printer is not too difficult and will preserve your photo’s overall color quality in the long run.
After you check your photos for those things you can now consider your printing options. We have an assortment of choices for you to think about. In fact, you don’t even have to print your images on paper if you don’t want to. Some of your printing options include:
  • Picking your own photo size
  • Transforming your images into banners, posters or signs
  • Adding text or a logo to your image
  • Using UV-resistant inks and finishes
Our designers would love to help you bring out the best in your image—please, don’t hesitate to ask them for insights or advice.

Materials To Print On

We also have a vast selection of materials upon which you can print your photos. Some of our most popular are canvases, textiles, photo stock, metal, wood, mesh, perforated vinyl and others. Depending on what you’d like to do with the image you print, all these options could be ideal. How to get the best quality photo printsPrinting digital images brings your photos to life. Although we live in a digital world, we do not believe printed photos will be consumed by digital images. Can you recall the last photo you printed for yourself or in behalf of your company? What memory is associated with that picture? Now that you’ve printed it, that moment will stay with you and your business for years. Collecting printed photos is a practice that shouldn’t end. You never know when a framed photo hanging on your wall will make you smile.

Let's Get Started

We would love to help you anyway we can. Feel free to stop by our office in Logan or give us a call at (435) 753-9598 if you have any questions or concerns regarding your photo prints.

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