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How To Title A Book

What Good Book Titles Have in Common

We all judge books by their covers. The design and title of your book are essential if you ever expect Book Title Services | Logan, UT | AlphaGraphicsanyone to open it. If you don’t have an intriguing title, then how will the rest of the book pique your reader’s interest? As soon as you begin writing, start working on your title. This way, everything you write will be based upon a central theme and help the overall organization and purpose of your book. At AlphaGraphics in Logan, Utah, we know and believe your book is great. We’re here to help you all the way from printing and publishing to creatively marketing your book. Here are some ideas that all great titles have in common and how a title can effectively pull readers in.

They Spark Interest

It sounds obvious, but a great book title always sparks interest. An effective approach to this is to plant curiosity in the reader’s mind. Sometimes, a title might ask a thought-provoking question that encourages the reader to find out how, who, why and what the title refers to. Readers are typically deterred when they see complex language in a title. Anytime a reader is confused or offended when just reading the title of your book, their chances of wanting to keep reading greatly diminish. This concept also applies to the length of your titles. One word titles are typically too broad, while excessively long titles are difficult to remember. Find a balance of grabbing your reader’s attention by making it an appropriate length and adding just the right amount of mystery.

They are Applicable to the GenreBook Title Services | Logan, UT | AlphaGraphics

If your book’s title is irrelevant to its genre, it’s much more difficult to market your book. While we always encourage creativity, a title that is too ambiguous may leave customers confused and disinterested in your book. So if you’re writing a book on various breeds of whales, having keywords related to whales will help whale lovers to actually find it. If your title conveys that it is within a certain genre, your book will likely sell better. A relevant title makes it easier for people to search for publications that are related to your topic and even for searching and categorizing purposes. Keywords in your title will be used on platforms such as Amazon to suggest to buyers what other “customers also shopped for.” If your title contains relevant words to its genre, people will have a much greater chance of discovering and purchasing your book.

Coming up with Titles

Still struggling to come up with the perfect title? Try to think of why you are writing. Differentiating yourself from existing books can help your work seem unique and help you find a niche in the market. In addition to central ideas of your book, brainstorm key characters, places and phrases that come to your mind. These are likely the most defining aspects of your book and can make great titles. You can also think of significant dialogue and central themes throughout your story. Try to jot these down in a few words and see if it gives you any inspiration. Regardless of the genre, your title will have a great impact on how well your book sells. Here at AlphaGraphics in Logan, Utah, we want you and your book to succeed. Once you write an interesting, practical and creative title, you’ll have added the finishing touch to your personal masterpiece. After all, a great book title could be the turning page of your career. If you need help coming up with an engaging title for your book, give us a call at 435-753-9598 or contact us at AlphaGraphics in Logan and let one of our professional book marketers help you.  

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