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How To Beat Your Competition, One Detail At A Time Using A Specialty Finish

Specialty Finish

What makes a business stand out from the rest? Is it quality, speed or could it be more than that? Here at AlphaGraphics, we believe that it’s all about the small things when it comes to marketing. Sending a strong message can be subtle like raised lettering or bold like foil on a business card or flyer. AlphaGraphics is the place to go to add a specialty finish to your print materials. We all know that texture and site invokes two of the most powerful senses that cause an emotional connection. So why not use the elusive sense of touch and site to your advantage? Here are a few styles and finishes to enhance your finished product.

Spot UV

When going the extra mile to your prints, you’re not only adding depth and contrast through texture and sheen, but you’re adding value and brand personality. This lasting finish enhances color and shine while protecting the product from rough elements such as water or heat. Get your durable, specialized business card in the hands of those who will notice your added effort.


Like a bird spotting something shiny, let your print piece catch the eye of others. A little shine never hurt anybody, so why not add it to your next print piece? Our foil leaves cards looking professional, yet chic with metallic, ultra-glossy colors, shimmers or textures. Foiling is done by heating foil to adhere it to paper. Mesmerize your customers with a foil logo or design. Die-cut marketing collateral designed to have the "M" pop out when opened. [caption id="attachment_258" align="alignright" width="234"]Die-cut Specialty Finish | Logan, UT | AlphaGraphics Die-cut marketing piece that pops up when opened[/caption]

Die Cutting

Traditional square-cut printing is in the past. Businesses and designers are using die cutting more and more, knowing that rectangular shapes aren’t a requirement. Die cutting is a simple process of cutting the paper to give it a different shape. It can also cut letters or shapes inside the print piece itself. The sky is the limit when it comes to adding stylish and sleek cuts to your print pieces.


Don’t restrict your creativity to a traditional style of product. Let your book, brochure or business card do all the talking for you. We offer UV and aqueous coatings that will give your paper a whole new feel to it, including soft-touch, gloss or satin coatings. Gloss coatings give printed pieces a durable and shiny look to it, whereas a satin coating is a matte finish that is also a water-based coating. Gloss or no gloss, another favorite type of coating is soft-touch. A soft-touch coating is applied to give a velvety soft texture. The paper becomes “soft,” increasing the tactile appeal and physical touch. A smooth, soft paper is better felt than read about in an article, so come into AlphaGraphics in Logan, UT today to choose your favorite. Don’t forget about UV coating that cures with ultra violet radiation to give you a high gloss look and a sturdy finish.

Getting Started

The specialty finishes mentioned above can enhance your business presence and create an aesthetic appeal. AlphaGraphics is your one stop destination for all of your print, design and marketing needs. We bring quality and efficiency to the table at unbelievable rates. Request a quote below or call us at (435) 753-9598 today to see how you can stand out from the competition and succeed by applying lasting finishes for lasting results.   [wpforms id="225" title="true"]

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