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A Red-Carpet Affair for the Hero Dog Awards

The esteemed American Humane Hero Dog Awards® is on a quest to unearth America's Hero Dogs and their devoted owners, celebrating their remarkable achievements at the annual Hero Dog Awards Gala. These exceptional canines have accomplished feats like safeguarding communities alongside law enforcement, defying the odds post-adoption from shelters, and providing invaluable assistance to humans with disabilities.

In the year 2023, American Humane eagerly entered AlphaGraphics’ Make It Happen Event Makeover contest, vying for a chance to win a $20,000 makeover for the prestigious 13th annual Hero Dog Awards Gala. Amongst a pool of over 700 entries, American Humane stood tall, selected as one of the three triumphant winners!

The Vision

The Hero Dog Awards Gala shines a luminous spotlight on dogs that have made a meaningful impact on the lives they’ve touched. It aspires to honor these heroes grandly while also amplifying their well-deserved recognition.retractable banner printed with the mission and history of the Hero Dog Awards

This Gala stands as American Humane’s foremost fundraising event, and in 2023, they set the stage at the illustrious Palm Beach hotel, The Breakers. With this captivating new venue, American Humane aimed to orchestrate the most opulent Hero Dog Awards Gala to date. These extraordinary canines and their companions deserved nothing less.

Beyond elevating the event’s grandeur, American Humane sought to raise awareness about the mission of the Hero Dog Awards. While American Humane enjoys widespread recognition, the Hero Dog Awards remain a hidden gem. Above all, the primary goal was to create an unforgettable experience for the hero dogs and their devoted owners.

The Approach

Armed with $20,000 worth of signage, AlphaGraphics swiftly joined forces with the American Humane team, strategically planning to enhance the event’s glamour while passionately championing their crucial cause.

Amplifying the BrandingA printed program for the Hero Dog Awards gala

The revamped event design drew inspiration from the new beachfront locale, the hotel’s 1920s heritage, and the timeless American Humane Hero Dog Awards branding. The result? A fusion of tropical allure and sophisticated themes seamlessly interwoven with enduring Hero Dog Awards elements. This meticulous coherence, evident in every detail, amplified brand recognition and etched the event into memory.

Printed materials like programs, menus, and table tents sported the refreshed brand, while expansive signage showcased vibrant tropical hues and art-deco aesthetics.

The Barking Lot VIP lounge areaSpotlight on the Dogs (and Their Devoted Companions)

American Humane’s aim was to ensure the hero dogs and their loyal companions felt deeply cherished and acknowledged for their incredible contributions. Signage featuring their stories and immersive Hollywood-style photo opportunities placed them center stage.

A dedicated step-and-repeat, bedecked with sponsors’ acknowledgments, lined the red carpet adorned with stars—creating a paw-parazzi haven for photo sessions. An exclusive VIP section, whimsically dubbed the “Barking Lot,” offered a retreat for the dogs post-limelight.

Raising AwarenessLarge signage depicts a 2023 Hero Dog Award finalist as well as winners from previous years

Strategically placed signage not only highlighted the various hero dog categories but also underscored the profound purpose of the Hero Dog Awards, infusing the event with emotional depth and subtly invoking increased guest support. Promo items ensured the conversation continued well beyond the event's conclusion.

Amongst signage celebrating hero dog finalists, poignant messages about the event's noble cause adorned the entrance and various corners of the venue. Canine guests received thoughtful gifts like dog bandanas and water bowls, enhancing their experience.

The Outcome

The 13th annual Hero Dog Awards Gala emerged as American Humane’s most sophisticated affair, where the brand and mission gleamed brightly. The hero dogs and their companions, often toiling behind the scenes, finally basked in a well-deserved spotlight for their tireless endeavors in fortifying communities, aiding individuals with disabilities, and rescuing those in distress. The Hollywood-inspired backdrops and floor graphics proved a massive hit, adding flair to photo sessions.A Hero Dog and their human pose on the red carpet

AlphaGraphics felt privileged to provide unwavering signage and print support for the Hero Dog Awards, standing firmly behind this noble cause. Commemorating these four-legged heroes is a commitment we'll always champion.

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