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Glimmering Hope: How a Gala Shared its Cause and Steered Support for NICU Families

In 2015, Rachel Lee and her husband, Andy, joyously welcomed their third child, a precious daughter named Madelyn, into their lives. Born prematurely at 37 weeks, Madelyn faced initial breathing complications, necessitating immediate care at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Despite the valiant efforts, Madelyn tragically passed away after an eight-day battle.

This heartbreaking loss propelled Rachel and Andy to establish Madelyn’s Fund in 2016. Their mission was clear: to extend financial aid to families navigating the overwhelming costs associated with NICU stays and funeral arrangements for infants lost. Their vision? To alleviate the emotional and financial strain that accompanies caring for a medically fragile baby.

At the heart of their initiative stood the annual Pink Bow Gala, an event dedicated to raising funds for Madelyn’s Fund's crucial financial programs. It served as a beacon of awareness, a celebration of impact, and a unifying force for thousands of families touched by Madelyn’s Fund's support.

Come 2023, Rachel threw Madelyn’s Fund into the hat for AlphaGraphics’ Make It Happen Event Makeover contest, vying for a chance to overhaul the 6th annual Pink Bow Gala with a $20,000 makeover. Against the odds, Madelyn’s Fund emerged victorious, selected as one of three recipients out of a pool of 700 hopefuls!Custom Madelyn's Fund table tent, brochure, and reusable tumbler for the Pink Bow Gala

Seizing the Opportunity

The Pink Bow Gala stood as the pinnacle fundraiser for Madelyn’s Fund, aiming to expand their reach and aid more families. Building upon past successes, Rachel and her team aimed to impart the Gala's purpose more vividly, reigniting the attendees' connection to the cause and prompting increased contributions.

Acknowledging Gala sponsors remained a priority, with the intent to fortify their appreciation and foster continued support. Innovative solutions were sought to crystallize the cause and express heartfelt gratitude to sponsors, all with the ultimate goal of amplifying donations and sustaining sponsorships. Rachel envisioned an event that was not only impactful but also a joyous celebration, leaving attendees uplifted and intimately connected with Madelyn’s Fund's mission.

Strategic Implementation

 Empowered with a $20,000 signage boost, AlphaGraphics and Madelyn's Fund collaborated to revamp the Gala, fueling fundraising endeavors for families in need.

Stacked cubes display facts about the impact of Madelyn's FundAdvocating the Cause

Through inventive signage and print materials, Madelyn’s Fund narrated the stories and statistics of families assisted by their initiatives. These strategically placed visuals rekindled guests' empathy towards the cause and simplified pathways for contributions.

Stacked cubes divulged poignant facts about families in need and Madelyn’s Fund's transformative impact. Table tents and printed materials radiated stories of families supported by the Fund. Signage echoed testimonials from families, a testament to the Fund's life-changing assistance.

Inspiring Donations

The Gala was designed to evoke spontaneous contributions through QR codes on print materials and engaging activities like the ‘Memory Bow Wall,’ where attendees could honor loved ones while supporting the cause.

A live auction, showcased through impactful signage, drove continued contributions. Print and signage materials delineated diverse ways to support Madelyn’s Fund during the event.Woman writes on a paper bow next to a wall hung with other paper bows displaying written donation pledges

Women take champagne flutes from a greenery wall with a sign saying Elevating Awareness

Striking structures, inventive signage, and captivating promotional items aimed to create shareable moments, heightening overall awareness about Madelyn’s Fund and etching lasting memories for attendees.

Innovative installations like the “Heartfelt Corner” provided Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. The "Hopeful Sips" display featured specialty drinks, fostering visually appealing toasts.

Honoring Sponsors

Sponsor logos adorned signs and print materials, alongside a dedicated check-in table, ensuring profound acknowledgment of their generous support.Large sign with Pink Bow Gala sponsor logos under the header

The Outcome

Rachel Lee, the visionary behind Madelyn’s Fund, expressed her profound gratitude:

“Our heartfelt thanks to AlphaGraphics for elevating our event. Beyond its visual splendor, it amplified awareness, spotlighted our sponsors, and infused the evening with meaningful touches," said Rachel.

The results spoke volumes as Madelyn’s Fund surpassed their fundraising goal by 8%, marking the 6th annual Pink Bow Gala as an unprecedented success!

AlphaGraphics stood honored to support Madelyn’s Fund with signage and print assistance for their Pink Bow Gala. Above all, their unwavering commitment to aiding families through profound challenges and loss remains a beacon of hope for all to rally behind.Wall display showing stories of NICU babies and families aided by Madelyn's Fund

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