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How to Capitalize on Big Events and Holidays for Your Marketing Campaigns

As we head boldly into 2021, one strategy to consider in your upcoming marketing plans is event marketing. While events in the traditional sense might still be on hold, there is still ample opportunity to capitalize on major events, like Super Bowl Sunday and national holidays, and more playful events, like National Cheese Lover’s Day. These events don't just give us something to celebrate. They also offer opportunities to raise awareness and align your brand with ideas and happenings that your customers care about, not to mention that they often tie in with spikes in demand for certain products and services! So, how can your business or organization best capitalize on these advantages? Here are some tips for making the most of your holiday and event marketing.  

Come Across in a Big Way And Make a Splash with Messaging 

Why make a ripple when you can make a splash?  Marketing that is big and bold will always make a more impactful impression, so don’t be afraid to be direct with your messaging and get creative with your graphic design. Once the design is finalized, set about getting the word out. Cover your windows with window graphics, put up a banner, canvas your sidewalk with sidewalk signs, or use direct mail marketing to make sure everyone knows about your promotion and tie-in.  Once you have people in the door, continue to impress and call people to take action with table tents and point-of-sale signs.  Finally, consider floor decals and other wayfinding signage to help customers find what they are looking for.  

Make Sure Your Marketing Campaigns Are Aligned

Today’s shoppers are more sophisticated than ever, meaning that to truly harness the power of an event, you’ll need to align your marketing campaigns, drawing upon multiple channels to ensure your messaging reaches the right audience. This means distributing your message across multiple channels and using messaging that appeals to the intended audience. Targeting and personalization are two of the most effective ways to increase the ROI of your event-related promotion. After all, if you cast a big net, you’re going to catch a lot of undesired fish in addition to the fish you hoped to catch. Instead, think about where your ‘fish’ hang out and what about your product or service resonates with them. Let them know why the occasion matters to you and that you understand why it means something to them. Taking the time to target your desired audience and ensuring that your message feels authentic rather than forced will result in a fishing net filled with highly qualified customers! Finally, follow a timeline to coordinate your campaign in the time leading up to the event and use multiple channels to get the word out. As we mentioned above, understand what channels your audience utilizes and create an integrated campaign to canvas those channels, playing to each's strengths. For example, use direct mail in the weeks leading up to the event to raise awareness. Email is a low-cost way to reach your existing customer base. And, of course, social media is a great tool for engaging in a two-way conversation with your audience before, during, and after the event.  

Giveaways Are Always Appreciated

Whether your event is tied to something in-store or online, giving away freebies and promo products is a great way to add a tangible element to your promotion. From product giveaways to memorable branded promotional items, adding a giveaway makes an impression and keeps your brand top of mind long after the event or holiday has passed. However, slapping your name on just anything won’t do. Freebies and branded promo items have the most success when they are unique or useful and, even better, something that can be used over and over. For maximum appeal, choose items relevant to the holiday or event.  For example, a logoed hot beverage tumbler for National Hot Tea Day or a branded football for the Super Bowl.  

Tie in Charitable Giving

Now, more than ever, customers are looking to spend their money with companies that align and support environmental and societal causes. Consider tying in your event or holiday marketing with an opportunity to contribute to a cause or to give back to the community you do business in. Done authentically, charitable giving can make a meaningful statement that will last long beyond when your event is done by humanizing your brand, making customers feel invited to play a role in something bigger than a simple transaction, and building relationships within your community.  

Make Big Opportunities Out of the Next Event or Holiday  

Big or small, holidays and events offer plenty of opportunities to think outside the box with your marketing while staying relevant with your audience. Just know that these things don’t happen overnight! To maximize your ROI, start planning ahead now. Take the time to align your marketing with upcoming events, whether it’s a national holiday, local event, or something else, and take advantage of what lies ahead in 2021!  

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