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At AlphaGraphics, our custom booklet printing & design services can get your business noticed!

Booklets are versatile and effective

Do you need to provide your clients with industry-specific information? With a booklet, you can do just that. It’s not quite a manual, and yet it’s more than a brochure. By using great graphics and clear verbiage, your clients will get the information they need in a visually-appealing, easy-to-read format.

Save time and money with features like:

  • Digital booklet printing in black and white or full color
  • A variety of style, weight, and colored paper options
  • A selection of binding styles, including perfect binding, saddle stitch and coil

Booklet printing services from AlphaGraphics make it easy to illustrate your point clearly and effectively. Whether you’ve compiled a complete report with graphics and illustrations, or need help with design and layout, we’ve got the experience and know-how to take your project to the next level.

Getting started

  • Bring in or send us the booklet you wish to print
  • Select the formatting options that are right for your project
  • Choose the size and paper for pages and covers
  • Choose a quantity: we are flexible on run quantities

Professional binding options:

  • Saddle stitch
  • Coil binding
  • Perfect binding


When you’re looking for easy ways to reach your customers and create a beautiful image for your business, brochures and booklets from the printing pros AlphaGraphics Pearl are a great choice! We’re the local experts and we have the resources to get you noticed.


Communicating effectively with your customers has never been more important. One of the easiest ways to get info to your customers is through brochures and booklets. These can take many different forms, but the essential nature of them is to provide information about your business or products in a way that’s easy for customers to understand easily and quickly.

Brochures are great for giving the basics about your business to customers. Tri-folded brochures are common and can easily tuck into a pocket or bag so customers can take info about your products home with them. They can also be created in a wide variety of sizes and configurations so that you can put them with products or special displays.

Booklets are another great way to get more detailed information to customers about your products and services. They can be just a couple pages or a full-blown catalog of your offering. If your customers are looking for lots of detail about your products or you need a manual to help them get it going, booklets are a great option.


Making the most of your brochures and booklets is so much easier when you have them professionally designed and printed. At AlphaGraphics, we have all the resources needed to create the professional brochures you’re looking for – we offer support through every stage of the process.

You’ll find everything you need when you choose the local professionals. We offer:

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