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4 Branding Tips that Stick: Custom Stickers, Labels & Magnet Design & Printing

Businesses large and small rely on their branding as a way of staying visible, relevant, and competitive in the marketplace.  Stickers, graphics, and magnets are incredibly effective marketing tools that work wonders spreading your brand message.  Perfect for any ‘sticky situation,’ it’s easier and more affordable than ever to produce these “portable branding” machines.  Here are four ways custom stickers, magnets, and adhesive graphics successfully brand your business.   HOLIDAY PACKAGING The holidays are here, and there’s no better time to take advantage of the massive demand for ‘contactless’ shopping and curbside pick-up than to boost your brand with stickers.  Whether you want to capture your clients’ attention or connect with your employees with personalized gifts, holiday stickers have a variety of applications. For example, use them to add a holiday message, offer, or sale information to your shipped packages, curbless pick-ups, or store bags. With so many design options, from die-cut to roll-fed to holographic, we can help you design a sticker that increases brand recognition and sales. You can start here to learn more.   PROMOTIONAL PACKAGING Stickers, also known as ‘mini mobile billboards,’ can be placed on anything.  The potential advertising value is tremendous, and exposure unlimited!  Custom stickers and graphics can adhere to everything from cell phone cases to water bottles to car windows.  Marketing pieces that stick get noticed and convey your brand in a way other marketing materials just can’t.  Stickers can create a viral sales loop because they keep spreading the word when you and your product or service are no longer there. Use promotional stickers to provide a call to action.  For example, print up BOGO stickers for your next “buy one, get one” sale.  Here are some other ideas to promote and places to use stickers and graphics:   CREATIVITY A hallmark of effective branding is creativity in advertising.  When you think outside the box, the potential to be noticed goes through the roof!  The beauty of adhesive marketing is the number of creative possibilities.  For example, if you own a donut shop, create a custom die-cut sticker, magnet, or window graphic of a donut.  The flashier it is, the more people will stop and take notice!  Imagine your brand customized to any graphic design, color scheme, and size you want.  It’s a brilliant way to get your brand front and center with a truly individual message.  Keep in mind that to maximize its effectiveness, stay on brand, be bold, and know your audience.  Whether you decide to use a vehicle wrap, a holographic label on your packaging, or a simple sticker on signs and posts (like Reddit did), you’re making people take notice!   EVENT MARKETING When events like trade shows and networking functions return, promote your business with marketing that sticks.  Window graphics and stickers can adhere to virtually anything making them extremely versatile, especially for outdoor events.  Create excitement with stickers that get people talking and entice participation.   Giving away eye-catching stickers and magnets are fast and interactive ways to reach people and build your brand.  Think strategically about the readability and the size of your sticker or magnet as it can make or break the impact you’re seeking.   YOUR CHARLOTTE, NC RESOURCE FOR CUSTOM STICKERS, LABELS, & MAGNET DESIGN AND PRINTING Are you ready to engage your customers with unique, eye-catching marketing that sticks?  At AlphaGraphics CLT, we use only the latest technology in conjunction with meticulous attention to detail.  Proudly serving Pineville, NC and the surrounding South Charlotte area for over 30 years, we know the print, marketing, and sign business inside and out.  In fact, you’ll discover in working with us that we’re more than just a printer, we’re a business partner you can trust in getting your project designed, produced, and out the door without hassle. Contact us today to learn how our Charlotte, NC print center can help you get noticed and get business!  

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