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Why Direct Mail Should Be Part Of Your Company's Marketing Strategy

Now more than ever, people are spending more time at home. While the pandemic certainly made the transition happen faster, even before this, companies were beginning to shift to allowing and even encouraging work-from-home and remote positions. What does this mean for your business? It means more homeowners than ever are now available to reach through direct mail. A walk to the mailbox is now a worker's mid-day stretch and our mail a connection to the outside world that we look forward to every day. Direct mail has long been a tried and trusted marketing tool with response rates that surpass newer technologies like email marketing. Let's take a look at three advantages and how you can make a strong, lasting impression through direct mail advertising.  

Direct mail is more memorable than digital advertising.

The average human attention span is eight seconds. That is not much time to make an impression! Because direct mail is a physical object, it will stick around for much longer than a digital ad that a user may scroll past without giving a second thought. It also engages multiple senses, which creates a stronger impression on the recipient.
Pro tip: A persuasive, on-point message and engaging or creative visual will have a dramatic impact on your response rate. Partner with a graphic design partner experienced with designing direct mail campaigns.
What's more, with many companies having cut down their direct mail budgets because of the pandemic, this makes it a strategic time for your business to get in the game and get noticed. Direct Mail Charlotte NC  

Direct mail creates trust and relationships with potential customers.

Studies show that 76% of consumers view direct mail as more trustworthy than digital ads. Trust is an important factor in building and maintaining a brand for your company. Direct mail shows that your business is legitimate and invested in the community around it. Direct mail also establishes a relationship with potential customers, as they have physically received information about your business, making them more likely to come to you than a competitor that they may have only seen in passing online.
Pro tip: To bolster credibility, include information on your direct mail piece that reinforces your reputation like awards, reviews, or certifications.
 Direct Mail Charlotte NC  

Direct mail is an economical marketing option.

Given the benefits and proven success of direct mail advertising, the question of whether it is a worthwhile investment is undeniable. However, we understand that budgets can be tight. One economical yet highly effective option to consider is EDDM®, or Every Door Direct Mail. EDDM allows you to choose and deliver to recipients based on postal routes; no list-purchasing required. EDDM is a highly effective option for businesses and organizations wanting to target a specific geographical area, especially when paired with an engaging graphic design and strong call-to-action.
Pro tip: While it certainly offers cost-saving benefits, the USPS requires EDDM pieces to meet specific size requirements and be bundled a certain way. Partnering with a print professional like AlphaGraphics CLT, who is well-versed in the process, can save you time and help you avoid costly mistakes.

AlphaGraphics CLT - Your Trusted Charlotte, NC Direct Mail Partner

At AlphaGraphics CLT, we offer a variety of high-quality printing, marketing, and sign services designed to catch your potential customers' eyes and spur them to take action. Proudly serving Pineville, NC and the surrounding South Charlotte area for over 30 years, our Charlotte, NC print center knows the print, marketing, and sign business inside and out.  In fact, you'll discover in working with us that we're more than just a printer. We're a business partner you can trust in getting your project designed, produced, and out the door without hassle. From direct mail to banners to wall graphics and vehicle wraps, we are here to help you get noticed and get business! Contact us today for a free estimate on your next project.

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