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Creating Connections In A Remote Based Business World

2020 threw local business owners many curveballs. One of the biggest was the decline in face-to-face interactions. No matter what industry you work in, you've likely seen a shift in both employees and customers working and interacting remotely.  Whether it’s a customer picking up orders curbside or employees working from home offices, how we do business has changed, and with it, how we connect has changed as well.  

Why Connections Matter

Connections are important. According to a Hubspot survey, 69% of employees say they'd work harder if they were better appreciated, and companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable. On the flip side, 64% of customers say that their loyalty to a brand increases when they feel connected, and 57% say they are more likely to increase how much they spend with a brand when they feel connected.  Okay, so we know that connections matter. But how can companies create connections when some or all of their interactions are done remotely, by video conference or phone call, or via a handoff?    

Creativity is Key

Here at AlphaGraphics CLT, we faced this exact dilemma when coming up with an idea for thanking our customers.  With more customers opting for delivery of the projects versus picking them up, day-to-day interactions are down significantly.  This loss of face-time made us feel that it was more important than ever to develop an appreciation gift idea that would help our customers feel connected with us.  We also wanted to use the opportunity to support fellow local businesses. Ultimately, we decided that creativity was the key ingredient to meeting our goals.  The campaign, which we'll highlight next, was a huge success! We've received a ton of positive feedback and have been asked to create similar campaigns by several who received our appreciation gift.   

Let's Grow Together - The AG|CLT Story

Our appreciation campaign idea stemmed from natural stone tiles ordered from Harkey Tile & Stone, a local company serving the Charlotte area since 1939. Our initial idea was to print a custom design directly onto the tile using a UV direct printer. However, it didn't feel like enough. We wanted to add something else to the gift box to provide an additional personal touch.  Creative Customer and Employee Appreciation Gifts Charlotte NCAfter reading an article on the health benefits of keeping a succulent plant in your home, we knew we had the answer. We went directly to Malone's Nursery, a small Charlotte greenhouse specializing in succulents, cactus, tropicals, and more.  Pairing the gifts together, our team quickly designed the finished packaging and components centered around a 'Let's Grow Together' message. We completed the gift with branding and messaging, credited the local companies from which the products were sourced, and even included an opportunity for the clients to name their succulent for a chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods. With optimistic messaging and sentiment of local pride, each gift was hand-delivered across Charlotte. Creative Customer and Employee Appreciation Ideas Charlotte NCAs mentioned above, the gifts have been a big hit with our customers and, most importantly, provided a tangible connection that strengthened our relationship and expressed our appreciation in a memorable way.  Sure, we could have sent a card or gift card. But, by developing a creative solution, we took what could have been ordinary and instead forged a lasting impression with real and tangible impact.  

Put Our Creativity to Work for You

Would you like to connect with employees and customers in a way that reaches across the digital divide in a meaningful, impactful, and eye-catching manner? Reach out to our team at AlphaGraphics CLT!   No matter what your goal, we can help develop an outreach effort that uniquely reflects your company and your audience.  As we mentioned earlier, several of our appreciation gift recipients have already enlisted our help in implementing a campaign on their behalf. Let your business or organization be next! Let's grow together!  

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