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Cracking the Outdoor Marketing Code: How the Outdoor Signage You Choose Can Make or Break Your Event

Who doesn’t love a comeback?  After a summer off, outdoor events are back this year, and with that comes excited customers! Signage is the foundation of an outdoor event. It’s how you communicate, direct and excite your attendees. This makes signage a critical factor, one that can literally make or break your event. Whether you’re hosting a local 5K, company picnic, or promoting a golf tournament, check out these tips for ensuring a successful event that makes a positive impression on your audience!  

How to Select the Right Signage

Whether it’s a celebration, product promotion, or an open house, the type of signage you use helps set the stage and ensure a smooth-running event.  Here are some key questions to answer before selecting your outdoor signage.
  • Does your event require a durable sign that can be reused, or is it a one-time event?
  • What is the distance between you and your target audience? Are there nearby competitors that your signs will compete with?
  • How will portability, set-up, take-down, and transportability affect the type of signage you use?
  • Where are your signs going to be located? Sidewalks, free-standing, or attached to something?

Understanding Your Signage Options

Different signs serve different purposes at your event. We’ve broken event signage into three categories and outlined some recommended sign options for each.  

Signs For Attracting Attention

Banners & Flag Stands

Whether you need to get people talking about your event or want to command attention once they are there, banners and flag stands are the ideal solution. Banners offer a big template, making them easy to see and perfect for reading from a decent distance away. Customizable in size, material, and design, banners can be easily designed to match your needs, budget, branding, and messaging. Flag stands are great for use in locations where space is limited or you don’t have something to attach a banner to. They are also helpful for calling attention to something important as their height, and vertical nature makes them easily visible.  event banner design and printing charlotte nc

Pole & Panel Signs

Hosting a city-sponsored event or have light poles in your parking lot? Traffic equals more visibility and marketing opportunities.  Consider pole and panel signs to help advertise your event. Your message branded on a pole or panel sign will take your marketing to new heights, literally!    

Directional Signage

Yard Signs

Once people are at your event, they need to know where to go. For an easy to set-up/take-down option, consider using custom-designed yard signs. Economical, easy to place, and easy to take down, they are especially well suited for one-time events.  

Floor Graphics

Want to take it up a notch? Consider floor decals and graphics. Not just for indoor use, our Charlotte print center offers floor decals that can stick to rough surfaces like cement and the ability to design/cut into any shape or size. Use these graphics to direct traffic to important areas in your event.    

Signs For Making a Statement

Table Covers, Event Tents & Specialty Items

Perhaps you aren’t the coordinator of an event but are taking part in one. You’ll want to ensure you make a statement with your presence. A well-designed customized event tent and table cover will draw people into your booth or area, especially when combined with promotional products or specialty items like the branded heavy cardboard tables pictured below! There’s no end to the design and versatility. In fact, we tell our customers, if you can dream it, we can make it! With eye-catching, easy-to-spot graphics boldly displayed, the right signage will entice engagement and give your presence the boost it deserves.   event signage charlotte nc

Sidewalk Signs

A simple but impactful way to grab the attention of people walking by is with sidewalk signs.  They can be placed anywhere, easily moved, and their sturdy design makes them ideal for multiple uses. Use sidewalk signs to call attention to the activities at your booth, communicate details about your business or advertise a hook that draws them into your booth. sidewalk sign event signage charlotte nc  

Your Pineville, NC and South Charlotte Resource for Outdoor Signage Design & Printing

If you want your next outdoor event to attract new customers or drive business, contact us today!  Whether you need a banner, yard sign, or table cover, our South Charlotte print center in Pineville, NC, has over 30 years of experience in the print, marketing, and sign business.  Our skilled team of designers and marketing specialists uses only the latest technology, and we strive for quality in everything we do.  In fact, you’ll find in working with us that we are more than just a printer, we’re a business partner you can rely on to troubleshoot any problem that arises, getting your project designed, produced and out the door without hassle. Contact us today to learn how our talented team can work closely with you to design and create outdoor signage that gets noticed and get business!    

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