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Five Fast and Effective Holiday Marketing Ideas

As the holidays rapidly approach, take the guesswork out of your holiday marketing plans with a few easy-to-implement yet impactful strategies. Let’s turn the panic of “It’s ALREADY November!” into “It’s ONLY November!” Ready to put your customers in a festive state of mind and drive holiday business? Keep reading for five fast and effective holiday marketing ideas you can have prepared and ready to go in a matter of days.  

Window Graphics

Windows are often the most prominent part of your storefront or business, so why not make use of this valuable and often expansive advertising space? Grab the attention of those strolling past your entrance this season with holiday-themed window graphics that entice customers to step inside.  Once they cross the threshold, continue using eye-catching wall graphics throughout your business to reinforce branding or feature product sales and holiday promotions. Trust us when we say that creative window graphics for your Charlotte, NC business will have your customers fa-la-la-ing all the way to the register! Window Graphic Options Include:
  • Window clings
  • Window perf graphics
  • Frosted window graphics
  • Window lettering
  • Window shades
  • Imaged glass


Easy to create and incredibly cost-effective,  use postcards as a touchpoint with your customer base this holiday season. Let our Charlotte graphic design team help create a festive postcard and accompanying campaign to share holiday promotions or sales, or to drive traffic through your doors by announcing an open house event. Postcards are the efficient workhorses (or should we say “reindeer”) of any holiday marketing efforts.  

Holiday Packaging

Add a little seasonal charm to your packaging this holiday season, and your customers will remember you long after they walk out the door. Labels, stickers, or decals can all be used to “seal” the deal on your existing packaging.  Branded packaging acts as a traveling advertisement, following your customer home or even “over the river and through the woods!” Pro Tip: Consider stuffing a flyer into your holiday packaging that promotes an offer for after the holiday rush. Doing so will drive traffic once the holidays subside and help increase your customer retention rates.  

Banner Stands

Give a holiday promotion the focus it deserves (and the interest you’d like it to garner). Use banner stands to showcase a gift card offer or another specific holiday promo at the point of sale or throughout your location. Not only will a banner stand grab the attention of customers at the moment, with its seasonal sparkle, it will also reinforce your holiday atmosphere.  

Customer Appreciation

The holiday months present a fantastic opportunity to reinforce customer retention efforts.  Don’t let the season go by without letting your customers know you appreciate their partnership during the holidays and throughout the year. Branded promotional items are not only thoughtful; they keep your logo in front of your customers day in and day out. Consider your audience when choosing an item to give and be creative. A personal touch goes a long way. Bottom line, everyone likes to be thought of and, young or old, we all like a little something in our stocking this time of year!  

Your Pineville, NC and South Charlotte Partner for Holiday Marketing

Let our seasoned team of print, marketing, and sign-making making elves work our holiday magic for you.  We will partner with you to create and implement a holiday campaign customized to meet the needs of your customer base. Whether you need window graphics to draw them in or postcards to wish them the merriest of seasons, our experts are here to help. Contact us at our Charlotte print center in Pineville, NC.  For over 30 years, we have served the businesses of the Pineville, NC area. Let us put our experience to work for you this holiday season!  

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