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Indoor Holiday Event Signage That Draws a Crowd

Indoor Sale and Event Signs Charlotte NC

So much goes into planning a successful holiday event or sale! What date and how should you invite people? How do you promote it and how do you ensure a positive experience for all that attend? 

While we offer a full range of event-related services, from invitations all the way to the thank you, we’re talking today about signage. Effective signage is essential to a successful event, whether a sale, a meet-and-greet, an employee appreciation dinner or a customer event!  Whatever your event, our ‘seasoned’ Charlotte, NC, print shop team knows how critical the holidays are. That’s why we’re offering these four tips to help you put the ‘jolly’ into your upcoming holiday event. 


#1 Larger than Life

Large-format printing is the perfect way to make a BIG impression!  When designing your large format signage, use holiday colors that are noticeable from a distance while staying on brand.  Whether it’s a banner featuring your top products or large window graphics advertising your upcoming event, oversized signage is irresistible!  To reflect the cheery time of year, keep your target audience aligned with your holiday marketing strategy – that means understanding why they are coming to the event and the messaging you convey while they are there.

#2 How to Get More Followers


Movement and flow are crucial at any event, big or small!  Using wayfinding signage effectively draws attention to your holiday event and may even grab some passersby that you didn’t expect! Whether you are looking to advertise a sale or want to direct attendees for better flow, ample signage is vital.

==>TIP: Our best rule of thumb is to over-communication on your way-finding signage. Frustrations tend to rise when people feel lost.

An excellent, unexpected way to get seen is with floor decals. Floor decals are a great way to take advantage of people looking at their phones! Or create a festive a-frame sign that can be seen from multiple angles. With the right directional signage, you’ll surely get more followers no matter where your attendees look!


#3 Signage to Stand Up For


Strategically placed visuals that relay key messaging not only create a better overall experience but also help lessen information overload on your employees. It’s much easier to have an employee stand next two some signage that explains event details than ask your employees to rattle off the information to every person who wanders by. For this particular task, we recommend pop-up banner stands!  They command attention, don’t take up valuable wall space, and will last for years!  Banner stands are ideal for vibrant holiday-themed welcome signs, showcasing product lines, and highlighting your event messages.

==>TIP: For maximum impact, group 3 or 4 banner stands together. 

#4 It’s All in the Details

If you want your event to stand out in the sea of holiday events, pay attention to detail!   For example, the more unique and creatively designed your event signage is, the more likely people will take notice.  Creating memorable branding around your holiday event can include ideas such as:


Holiday Event Signage Expertise From The Charlotte, NC Print, Signs, & Marketing Experts at AlphaGraphics CLT

Looking for a way to make your upcoming holiday event truly magical? Partner with our dedicated team of sign, print, and marketing professionalsOur Charlotte, NC print center has hundreds of events under our belt. We know what to look for and are here to help you navigate your options to find the solutions that best suit your event and needs. Contact us today!

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