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The Impact of Signage on the Success of Your Business: Measuring ROI

Signage has always been an essential component of any business strategy. Whether it is indoor, outdoor, or digital signage, the way your business presents itself through your building signage has a significant impact on its overall success. But how do you measure the ROI of your signage efforts?

AlphaGraphics Lake Norman is a local sign shop that helps local businesses with all their building signage needs, including banners, posters, and exterior and interior signage. In this blog, we will discuss the ways signage can impact your business and how to measure its effectiveness. Contact us today!

A bistro sign outside a restaurant

Helps With Branding

First and foremost, signage plays a critical role in shaping the perception of your brand. When done right, building signage acts as an introduction to your business and sets the tone for how customers perceive you. It's important to consider the message you are trying to communicate with your signage, whether it's promoting sales or creating a sense of excitement around your brand. Speak to our sign experts for all your business branding needs today.

Foot traffic by a row of restaurants and businesses

Track Foot Traffic

So how do you measure the ROI of your signage efforts? You can start by tracking the increase in foot traffic to your business after installing new business signage, including exterior signage. This can be done through the use of analytics tools that measure the number of visitors to your business's website or social media channels and correlating them with the number of customers passing by your physical storefront. You can also evaluate the impact of your signage through customer feedback and surveys, which can provide valuable insights into how customers view your brand and its offerings.

A business financial meeting

Track Your Revenue

Next, you can measure the ROI of your signage efforts by tracking the impact on revenue. Simply compare your business's financial performance before and after the installation of new building signage. A significant increase in revenue, combined with an increase in foot traffic or customer engagement, points to the effectiveness of your signage campaign. Learn more from the staff at our Lake Norman sign shop today.

A business owner with a tablet

Compare Costs Versus Revenue

Another way to measure the ROI of your signage efforts is to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of your signage campaign. Determining the costs of creating and installing signage, compared to revenue generated during a certain period, can give you an indication of the return on investment for that specific campaign. A high ROI indicates that the campaign was a success and that future investment in building signage is likely to bring about returns. Let the team at AlphaGraphics Lake Norman help with your business signage today.

A round illuminated business sign on a building exterior
Consider an Uptick in Brand Awareness

It's important to consider the long-term potential of signage when measuring its ROI. While direct results such as foot traffic and revenue increases might be the most tangible indicators of signage success, the long-term impact of a well-designed sign can be just as important. Brand awareness and recognition can lead to repeat customers and loyalty, which, in turn, translate to sustained profitability. Let our sign shop help you craft a winning building sign today.


It is essential to consider the impact of signage when evaluating the success of your business. From shaping customer perceptions to driving profitability, building signage is a critical component of any marketing strategy. By measuring the ROI of your signage efforts, you can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns and adjust future efforts to achieve the greatest possible returns. So, whether you're investing in new outdoor signage, creating a digital billboard campaign, or enhancing your in-store displays, remember that every sign counts, and the impact on your return on investment (ROI) can be significant.

AlphaGraphics Lake Norman offers many different types of building signage, such as channel signs, logo signs, illuminated signs, directional signs, and large format signs. Learn about all of our options and which is right for your business today!

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