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The truth about D.I.Y.

A few weeks ago while driving home from work I received a call from my wife, I was disappointed to learn this was not an update on our dinner menu, but rather an update on the state of our kitchen drain. Clogged. There was a brief mention from Maria about getting a plumber to which I immediately responded "No, I'll take care of it. Plumbers are expensive. I'll fix it when I get home." I walk in and the table is set with Chicken Roll-Ups (which are incredible by the way) and roasted veggies. My sense of manly duty however immediately overcomes me and I head straight to the sink. "I may not be plumber but I can sure as heck unclog a drain". Plunger: Nothing. Drive to Wal-Mart get Liquid Pipe Cleaner Super-Ultra Foaming Stuff That Burns Your Eyes and Hands (gotta ask for it by name) and pour that down: Nothing. Pleading with it didn't work either. Clogs are emotionless, selfish little things. Sighing, I get the bucket, the wrench and a hand operated snake and tear apart the pipes, spilling aforementioned Liquid Pipe Cleaner all over our floor and ruining a pair of pants in the process. After 2 and a half hours I finally won. Turns out cabbage, a garbage disposal and 40 year old pipes are a bad combination It took me another hour to clean up before I was ready to eat dinner. Did I do it myself? Yes. Did I save anything, well, lets see: $60 for a pair of pants, $12 for Liquid Pipe Cleaner, 3 and a half hours of time, missed eating with my family, hearing my daughter sing in the bathtub, a Pokemon battle with my son before bedtime, and getting to read with both of them. I'm gonna have to say I lost out big time. I'm also pretty sure I'll need to do it again soon. A classic case of poor R.O.I. As you look at layout, design, and marketing consider the real cost and return. Not only can we get it done quickly, we can get it done right. Remember, time is a valuable commodity and we are actually in the business of giving you more of it. More time for your customers, more time for your family, and less time worrying about having to Do-It-Yourself.  

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