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  • 2/24/2012
  • admin_us376

The Right Tool for the Job

Let me start this by saying that there will be a recipe involved. If you usually read for the recipe, stick with me for a few minutes. And as a heads up, this recipe is good for you. It really is. I p...

  • 2/21/2012
  • admin_us376

All joking aside.

We need to pick a winner. Last week many of you entered a joke submission for Martie's contest. We need a winner. Help us pick 'em. Vote for your favorite at the bottom, and enjoy a laugh on us! Mic...

  • 2/16/2012
  • admin_us376

QR so beautiful, to me.........

OK, so this story is adorable. It's also soooooooo sweet that I don't need to post a link to what my wife is using to sabotage me this week. Many of us here at Alphagraphics of Carrollton really enjo...

  • 2/9/2012
  • admin_us376

A Valentines Mad-Lib

So here it is. All of those things you've been writing down will now hopefully make you chuckle AND win you a $50 gift card in time for the big day! After you read the mad lib using the items you've r...

  • 2/3/2012
  • admin

Ten things you may not have known about QR codes…

Alright, they gave me caffeine and I'm all good now. Apparently I get a little dodgy without it. This weeks post is a little more normal and far less entertaining. 1.Brought to you by Toyota! The Q...