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Secrets (you don't want anyone to keep)

I have a secret. I'm addicted to the bean dip from Gloria's. It's just amazing, and I have tried for years (to no avail) to recreate it at home. No amount of experimentation or scouring the internet has enabled me to recreate the flavor and consistency.  Funny thing though, I am absolutely terrible at keeping this secret. I tell everyone I know. Have you ever heard the phrase "Best Kept Secret"? Some people smile conspiratorially when they hear it. As a marketer, it makes me anxious. I know, some people like the image that the phrase conjures, but most of the businesses I know would prefer to be the "Worst Kept Secret" given the choice! If you are tired of being the best-kept secret, I feel I must ask you "What are you doing to change that?". How are you getting your secret out? All too often I'll hear someone say "I can't afford to waste money on marketing right now!". I understand that sentiment. I'm pretty frugal and tend to be tight with the purse-strings myself, but I think that there's a bit of a misunderstanding here. Good marketing, done correctly, should return more than what you paid for it. It should be an investment. Yes, Alphagraphics can give you all of the newest bells and whistles, but did you know we also have a team of people that think just like you do? I say this alot, but it's true, we really do LOVE watching your business grow! You might even say we have a vested interest in it. We are just as excited to get postcards and flyers done for you as we are making mobile websites and creating pURL campaigns. Just try us! Ask us to help you with some of the smaller pieces you need to grow your business, our goal is to help you spend your money wisely. After all, if you start getting busy, you're gonna need a new website........ As promised on our Facebook page- Here's the Sally Hewell secret to a perfectly delicious, tender, barbeque ribeye: Steak needs to be thick with a fair amount of marbling and room temperature. Get the grill good and hot (about 475 degrees) Seasoning the ribeye: 1st side- Mix olive oil and redwine vinegar in a 2:1 ratio, and thoroughly coat the surface and sides. Briskly rub the mixture into the steak. Rub it in REAL GOOD! Next sprinkle course Kosher salt, cayenne pepper lightly, garlic powder, cumin, then repeat this on the other side. Cook for 5-7 minutes a side depending on thickness and the heat. Perfect!

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