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To Whom It May Concern:

Attention Homeowner! Attention Recipient! Attention Valued Customer! I receive mail almost daily with these greetings on them. Almost none of them get my attention. Every time I get the last one I think to myself, "If you don't even know my name, how valued of a customer am I ?". We all tend to gloss over these offers and advertisements and  most of them will end up in the waste bin.  They just don't speak to me. Last night I received one from a local auto dealer that I actually took the time to read. It said " Hey John, we want to buy your 20XX Scion XB. We can give you $XXXX above the Blue Book value. We are looking for 8 more for our inventory and your trim package is the most requested." They then proceeded to offer me a vehicle that was matched to my needs.  I decided against the offer, but they had my interest long enough to read the offer. Most of you are aware that AlphaGraphics does variable data printing, but did you know that we can use variable data to do more than just put a name on a card? Anything you can put into a database can be used as variable data. You can reach out to inactive customers and ask them specifically about their previous purchase. You can make an offer customized to a buyers previous shopping habits. Did you know that we can change the images on a piece based on parameters that you set? Imagine being able to do one mailing that covers your entire customer base and speaks to their particular needs. We can break this out by age, gender, location. Any parameter that you want to set. How about variable mapping? We can include a map from the recipient's mailing address to your business. Customized for every address you send to with directions to your location. What a wonderful idea for a doctor's office or grand opening! Give us a call and let us help you build a mailer that makes sure your message is read.  We'd love to help you increase your reach!

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